Are Blu-Ray movies still a major selling point for the PS3?

Forums - Sales Discussion - Are Blu-Ray movies still a major selling point for the PS3?

I think for people looking for a console it is. For people looking for a blu-ray player, no. And 3D will not change that.

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It is and always has been a +feature. Not a system seller, just one of many reasons Sony gave consumers to nudge them in th ePS3 direction....its just with the price tag consumers refused to be nudged, haha.

I work with a guy, owns two PS3s, no games. Uses it for blu-ray only.

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I can only speak for myself and people I know. In the last year, ALL of my friends have bought PS3's either in addition to a 360 or as their first HD Console. I have all three, and a couple people had 360s, but we basically decided to all get PS3s (though I already had one) so we could friend up. We chose it because no annual fee and blu-ray movies.

Of course since then, my gf has my PS3 right now and is supposed to be finishing FFXIII, so I have not had a chance to watch movies or play with them. :(

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

yeah i have friends who have netflix on their PS3.... Its one of the selling points for the PS3 but its not the MAJOR selling point.
Games is what defines the PS3.

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