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Holy *beep*

With these numbers, the PS3 has outsold the 360 WW by almost 100k this week...

The PSP is doing pretty good too, outselling the Wii and DS, although I have a feeling on VGChartz some of those DS numbers will be added together since there's only one DS category here.

The PSP Go is just terrble though, it hasn't picked up whatsoever, it's pretty much a dying cause.

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Go PS3!


Wait, are they official? VGC front page doesn't show anything yet.

Great week for ps3 despite "shoratges".

So the gap now is 5.58M

PS3 humiliating 360 again in Japan, but this time it's 50 vs 2 (25:1). It looks more and more dead for MS in Japan.

Maybe they should give up completely in Japan, what's the point in being crushed 25:1 by your competitor week after week ?

I remember those pathetic fanboy posts about 360 "taking over in Japan" one or two years ago because 360 was selling 10k in a week. How hilarious it would be to read them again now.

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was this monster hunter bundle week for the PSP GO?

Why are the PS3 sales 1k lower on the frontpage than what are shown here?

Because these are media create numbers not VGchartz numbers.

Hellz yeah! :D the rest of the world matters and matters greatly
Hope we see Yakuza 4 state side soon, it's a good series

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Yakuza 4 and PlayStation 3 > awesome!

PSP is good too ^^

the best RPG's are coming 2013 !!!! oh my god, this is perfect for RPG-GAMER = ) Ni No Kuni - 25 january, Time and Eternity, tales of xillia (PS3) and the maybe best game ever: metal gear solid ground zero