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At least with their Monster Hunter franchise.

With Monster Hunter 3 having gone to the Wii as the Playstation 3 proved "to expensive" to develop for,I'm suprised to see Monter Hunter Portable 3.

Wouldn't the third in the handheld series be more at home on Nintendo's 3DS next year? Or is the tiniest indication that if there is a Monster Hunter 4,it would be either exclusive to PS3 or a multiplatform between the two japanese home consoles.

And whilst on the subject of the hugely popular series (at least in Japan),with Capcom's recent annoucement that they are developing Monster Hunter Frontier for the 360 lead to better sales for the console in Japan?? what's your verdict?

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Monster Hunter Portable 3 most likely stayed on PSP because there's already a) a good foundation for making the game, b) a large fan base on the system, & c) having Portable in the title might also be because it's on Playstation Portable.

as for 3DS. they might be able to port it or maybe create a separate exclusive title later on. as far as i can guess, Capcom were probably working on MHP3 before they knew about 3DS and so don't have the time to create a good game within their desired time frame.

can't really tell where MH4 will be. Nintendo might have first dibs at getting exclusivity for Wii2. or maybe it will go multiplat. we'll find out eventually.

fair comment there :)
It would be nice to see a new MH game on the PS3,could do a lot with it now,what with capcom's better understanding of the Playstaion3,and they could do a nice multi platform with the Move and WiiMote.

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This is Capcom we're talking about - the king of porting. Who's to say that they won't port MHP3rd to 3DS sometime next year? All they would have to do is add a few monsters and maybe a new weapon and location and the game would have similar sales to its PSP brethren.

And I don't see how MH4 would be PS3 exclusive.

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You'll get more confused when both PS3, Wii2 and 3DS get their own Monster Hunter...