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I hate motion controls,always have and I probably always will,I've never liked the Wii and have been quite vocal about it on this site and others including my personal Youtube account in which the very first videos were all in support of the Playstation 3 and I was particularly hostile toward other consoles and fans of other consoles.Luckily I've changed it a bit then,and where as I still bite the heads off casual gamers,I'm more open to the idea of people who consider themselves HardCore games preferring the Xbox 360 or Wii over my favoured console.

However my intolerance for the Wii is a rare thing it seems,with well over 60 million consoles sold,Nintendo are sitting pretty,and alongside the Nintendo DS which is on ther verge of outselling the PS2,deposing Sony's home console from the top and putting a Nintendo handheld back up there,Nintendo have done well for themselves this generation.It's all largely thanks to what I consider gimmicks,as opposed to real new generation gaming.Where as Sony and Microsoft went about transitioning from the sicth generation to the current seventh generation of videogame consoles in the age old tradition of improving the power of the consoles and the technology (which I believe is the CORRECT approach to making a new generation console),Nintendo opted to make a machine that is more or less the exact same as their previous attempt (in fact slightly less powerful than the Gamecube I once read,either that or the Gamecube could achive more graphically) with a new control system: Motion Control.

The originally promised 1:1 motion control sensitivity of the WiiMote had the gaming community in a crazed frenzy of hype and anticipation,and where as Sony and Microsoft mocked Nintendo's weak machine,and at the time laughable control method (I still laugh at it personally),Nintendo came out fighting and three years later has twice as many units sold as the 360 or twice as many units as the PS3.The Wii is cheap and offers a "fun" control method,and that is often the answer I get off people when I ask why the console is so successful.

Now,the inevitable has happened and Sony and Microsoft are geared up to launch their own motion devices,so surely we should all be looking at them carefully,all three systems,to see who offers the best?

Well apparently none of you are too interested in that,from what I've seen on VGchartz lately half the users bash the Playstation Move without giving a look at the details,then the other two quarters are nicely devided between users treating Natal as the second coming of Christ and the rest maintaing that Nintendo started it and that must be their the best at it.

It all seems a bit unfair,one person went so far as to say Hate for the Playstation Move is justified....WTF? If something is successful it will inevitably be copied.Touchscreen technology did not come with the DS,nor did motion control come with the Wii,the ideas themselves have been talked about for years in technology and media,Nintendo may have been the first to apply the methods to be a games console control method,but they created neither idea.

Natal is a more advanced eyetoy,it's all it ever was,and where as that may be fun,that's a blatant copying as you all believe the Move to be,however I see very little "justified" hate for Natal on this matter.

I know Move looks like a wireless clone of the WiiMote and Nunchuck,but after observing several viewings and reading several sources,I personally see the Playstation Move as the best of both the opposing controls into one.It offers the "exciting" capabillities that the Wii's lack of 1:1 promised on and never delivered,and for all you Natal fans,it has shown that it has several Natal like features to go with it's physical controller,as the Move is used alongside the PlaystationEYE.Of course now I've said this,people will probably say Sony copied Microsoft too...*sighs*

Anyway,sorry this is so long,it's just been frustrating me lately,people's lack of acceptance of the Playstation Move and consistent bashing of it.I for one will be picking up the controller at the end of the year,along with SOCOM4.

Sorry if I've offended anyone by bashing their favoured console.Comment on this though,what do you see for motion control gaming?

If the Wii is anything to go by....1 good game every 6 months and shovelware titles every day in between.

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Sweet another thread that will be flamed.

and btw motion plus makes wii mote 1:1

So you mentioned you hate motion controls, but you plan to buy the Move?

I'm confused.

I was a bit worried it might be flamed...but I thought some people would give contructive comments to the argument.
Did I forget to put the Wii Motion Plus paragrah in? Bollocks -.-

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I'm buying it to see if what it's like,as I explained in the last bit it seems to me it's a perfect blend of what Microsoft and Nintendo are offering up.

I'll probably not like it knowing me though,still all things have to be tried,I'll be trying out Natal at the end of the year also.

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Long post. While I'm pretty sure you'll get some people riled up in the later part of it, I gotta say that your post does highlight some hypocracy that's taking place.

I have a wii, I don't really play it because I found the games weren't much to my liking. I'm currently looking at the move in the hopes that it's potential is realized in a way I'll be able to fully enjoy it's games.

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Aye,sorry for that,thanks to for reading it all,I go on a bit when it's something I'm really interested about.

Already more or less on launch day with the Move we have some supposedly exciting titles developed for the move,some atual promising titles such as SOCOM and move suport for older games such as LittleBigPlanet,so I think that it would be a good launch game wise.

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This thread is a rip off of many others threads that were created before.

It does today, what others have done last week.

It will flop.

I don't think people are bashing Move. They are just taking a jab at Sony for being oxymoron. (And most importantly, pissing off people that deny it being Wii-too)

Welcome to motion controls.

lol u r the stereotype of a nintendo player. ya got the name for it, the avatar, ur opinions, that all lead to the identity of a casual gamer. For why such person wud bother with this site is beyond me. but thx for only proving my point in every dispute, in that saying "wii is for 6 year olds".