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From jeuxfrance: http://www.gamekyo.com/newsfr35429_red-steel-3-premieres-infos.html

"Ubisoft avait annoncé que si les ventes de Red Steel 2 n'atteignaient pas l'objectif voulu par l'éditeur, la série s'arrêterait tout simplement. Des dires qui s'envolent aussi vite qu'ils sont arrivés puisque Jason Vandenberghe (directeur artistique sur la série) confirme l'arrivée d'un troisième épisode, avec des fonctions liées au Vitality Sensor.

On apprend donc que l'accessoire de Nintendo permettra, selon notre rythme cardiaque, d'augmenter sa mana plus rapidement ou la puissance de ses combos. Une bonne idée de départ."

Basically it is saying that Jason Vandenberghe, despite first comments about Red Steel 3 may be pendant if Red Steel 2 sells good enough, the third instalment is really coming and using vitality sensor!




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He didn't say it was coming, Jesus. -_-
They asked him if he would be interested in using the vitality sensor IF a third one was made. That's when he started talking about how cool it would be and that it could work well.
I read the interview before. -_-


palancas, really?

by the french website it seems that the game was "confirmed"

where's the actual interview?

i dougt it red steel 2 sales aren't even in.


well its not properly related but Natal sales aren't even in and they just announced they're working on Natal 2.

This could be the same case, they just could se potential on a RS3 using the Vitalisy Sensor.

But I'd like to see the actual interview to check if this is for real or not.

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from the interview

How about pressure in general? Red Steel 2’s a reboot, and – based on a recent comment from you – it’s a do-or-die situation for the series. On top of that, you’re one of the first non-first-party games to require Wii MotionPlus. What kind of effects have those factors – and the associated pressure – had on Red Steel 2’s development?

At last! A chance to respond to that! That comment was, perhaps, given some extra emphasis that I didn’t really intend at the time, so it’s awesome to have it come back. Volley!

Red Steel 2 isn’t really a “do-or-die” situation. What I meant by my comments was that the desire to make another game in the series will depend on whether or not Red Steel 2 is a success (by several measures, not just sales).

Fact is, that’s always true. If the fans don’t want us to make a sequel, we generally won’t. See, because we know they won’t buy it. Which is sort of the point. So, in that way, this situation isn’t really all that different from any other first or second releases in a franchise. We either prove that the idea is cool enough to keep chasing, or we call it and try something else.

As far as pressure goes, believe me when I tell you that the pressure here at Ubisoft is a light, airy breeze compared to the kinds of pressures I grew accustomed to at other companies I worked for. The pressure was all focused in the same place: the game had to be fun. We knew that, and so it led to us shaping our dev process around iteration, playtest, and gameplay. That’s a good thing.


Does that confirm a sequel? No. Then later in the same interview he was asked:


Finally, the question that’s on everyone’s mind: as a sort of unofficial ambassador to the hardcore for Wii products, will you include Wii Vitality Sensor Support in the next Red Steel?

Duh. I intend to include a “zen” mode where if you can keep your heart-rate low, your spirit (re: mana) will regenerate faster, and, to the contrary, if you maintain a high heart-rate, you will generate more rage with each strike, which will allow you to unleash ultra combos.


It's the interviewer that asked as if it was coming.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.vg247.com/2010/03/22/interview-red-steel-2s-jason-vandenberghe/


Bamboleo said:

well its not properly related but Natal sales aren't even in and they just announced they're working on Natal 2.

This could be the same case, they just could se potential on a RS3 using the Vitalisy Sensor.

But I'd like to see the actual interview to check if this is for real or not.

Wait, whut?

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@ palancas

This french website is driving me crazy

@ cheebe

there's a natal 2 thred already, check it out: http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=104748&page=7

They've said before that Red Steel 3 depends on the success of Red Steel 2. But I don't buy that one bit. They're going to abandon a sword fighting franchise now that motion is the new standard? Red Steel 3 will most likely be a multiplat game.

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