Places to buy US/NTSC games in Asia?

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Hello everyone,

I am currently living in Taiwan. I have a US version Wii. Until now, whenever I've wanted to purchase a game, I've either waited until I've gone back to visit home, or I've used Play-Asia. Now, I don't have any problems with Play-Asia's service, but their prices tend to stay quite high for long periods of time, and sometimes don't restock older titles, leading to them becoming essentially unavailable to me.

Secondly, it would certainly be easier on my wallet to purchase the occasional used game, which I don't think I can do on Play-Asia (I know I've occasionally seen used games for sale, but it seems to be very infrequently).

I can't really think of anywhere else to purchase games from online, (I checked out Amazon, but even on their sales, shipping usually works out to $18 per game, unless I decide to buy a bunch at once, making it no cheaper and frequently more expensive than Play-Asia, which ships free to Taiwan from Hong Kong).

Does anyone know of any other places I might be able to check? Bear in mind that I cannot write or read Mandarin, although I am trying to learn.

Thanks in advance for any advice.