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So, I came across a genre known as "programming sim."


I was just playing Carnage Heart at my friends house.


He said that this game was badass, and it rare as fuck. So, I began playing this shitty game.  The first thing I noticed was the math terms. WTF? What game starts off with math key terms? I mean WTH why would you start with the most hated subject in school? So, I continued playing it anyway. So, I click on like displace units. That move, however, didn't work as you had to make your own units!!! WTF? I hate thinking, so now I'm suppose to form a army on a effin PS1 game. I dropped the controller, and quit. Not much of an effort on my part. So being that I was so effin pissed I searched up this game and discovered that it was a puzzle, Programming sim. 


So, I just had to drop the word on this.


So, what genre do you hate?Or dislike?

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math is fun .

Can't say, I could play anything as long it revolves mostly on gameplay and I'm constantly doing something (mario, zelda, kirby, pokemon, twisted metal, halo, etc.)

oh, and I refuse to believe what you said as "programming sim" as a genre. I mean, how many games are actually like that , but yeah, that game must be rare as f***.


Strip poker.

I don't literally HATE this genre. But I definitely dislike it. That is WRPG.

I dislike puzzle games for the most part (portal is a huge exception). Don't hate them though. I can take or leave beat 'em ups too. No real hate though, life's too short to devote time and effort into something you don't like.

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I can't really say that I hate/dislike a genre completely, but the lowest ones in my mind are WRPGs and FPS. WRPGs because there is only one good one so far (Dragon Age) while the others range from mediocre to ass-tastic (Oblivion). FPS because there are way too many sub-par ones with the exception of KZ2 and COD4.

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"Hate" is such a strong word...

But if you're twisting my arm, JRPGs come the closest.

If I had to pick a genre I didnt like (cannot say I hate any of them) it would have to be First Person Shooters. There are a few I will always enjoy (Unreal Torn 2004, Golden Eye, Hexen) but in general there has been nothing lately that has made me want to play one of these.

Puzzle Games are the first thing that comes into mind. I mean, first of all, I'm playing a video game. Video games aren't meant to stress your brain out!

FPS on consoles doesn't work for me