Any Phoenix Wright fans here?

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There has got to be someone out there that likes this Awesome Series.

If anyone out there does like it then whats your favourite character?

Mine has to be Gumshoe as he is the most pathetic character in all of videogames , his misfortures are some of the funniest things I have read ever.


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I watch my wife play them. It is a great series.

Not sure who my favorite character is, lol.

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i love em.

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sure, Godot's my favourite!

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omg, I love the phoenix wright series. For some strange reason, I love Klavier Gavin, because I think his prosecutor music is awesome.

I love them @_@ my fav character is... mmm... maybe Franziska von karma or Edgeworth @_@ cant decide xD


He rocks as the most lovable dunce ever.

Probably Edgeworth or Godot.