Poll: Most important to Nintendo for modern success

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Poll: Most important to Nintendo for modern success

Satoru Iwata 20 37.04%
Shigeru Miyamoto 30 55.56%
Gunpei Yokoi 1 1.85%
Hiroshi Yamauchi 1 1.85%
Satoshi Tajiri 0 0.00%
None of them. 2 3.70%

A title that may be familiar to some, this time it's a poll to end the question of who is the most important to Nintendo..........as of today's success. Would be great if you could give a reason as to why you think this person is the most important.


To note, he may no longer be with us, but he has had a lasting effect on Nintendo, no doubt. There would likely be no Nintendo DS or D-pad without this man. Metroid probably would have never been created at all...........


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I chose Iwata b/c without his direction, Nintendo won't be where it is right now, hence MODERN success

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I've gotta go with Miyamoto. Even though Gunpei Yokoi was very important to the company, it was Miyamoto who continuously brought Nintendo great series that would ensure them success. Even in their worst of times, Nintendo still sold software very well (I'm referring to the Gamecube). The games defined each Nintendo console, and Miyamoto brought 'em.



Satoru Iwata without a doubt.

When things go bad for Nintendo he looks at what his company might have done wrong instead of blaming the customers. He makes sure that the developers at Nintendo make the games that customers want and not just those that the developers want to make. Miyamoto is the most talented developer, but saying "no" to making another 2D Mario platformer is just wrong. Someone has to make sure that Shigeru knows his place.

Iwata also managed to communicate with the entire staff at Nintendo and redirect the company even though pretty much all outside voices were saying that Nintendo is crazy and doomed by going that direction. It takes a lot of faith to stay on such an unknown course.

EDIT: Also because of this accomplishment. Iwata for the win!

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Shiggy's probably going to win

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Reggie, that's who.

Mr. Iwata because he's Nintendo's leader.


WiizardBR said:
Reggie, that's who.

Iwata: (laughs)


Shigeru Miyamoto, he keeps bringing the great games for Nintendo and his games are sales beasts. Definitely a huge contributor to Nintendo's Modern Success.

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Within the last half decade, Iwata, without a doubt. Over the period in which they've been involved with video games, Shigeru Miyamoto.

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