First NiGHTS 2 Screens for Wii!!!

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and about the topic: i never heard about nights before this new game was announced, but it really starts attracting me. for me it is a sure buy if it gets good reviews.

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vanguardian1 said: I pray for a Skies of Arcadia II myself. :)
That would be fantastic... I never played Nights, never had a Saturn, but it looks interesting. I checked out some videos and the flying around would be perfect for the WiiMote. But it is the April issue...

This is no joke kiddies - confirmation from Sega themselves! http://www.gametab.com/news/861648/ And a subtitle: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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Looks and sounds interesting. I never played the original myself, though given it and the Saturn's sales, a vast majority haven't. I have to concur with those who are worried given Sega's recent track record.

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This is great news, now with that Sega please don't !$@!$$^&%^*%*%*%&$^#$%%!$@$@$@$@$%@%@%@%@ this up lol!




So one more exclusive for Nintendo, good work



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

Time to buy a Wii it seems.

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