Which would you like happen more: Starfox Wii or F-Zero Wii?

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Damn these questions......F-Zero Wii.

Slightly beffier graphics than GX, classic F-Zero design like X, and online modes better than MKWii.

Thats what i want.

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RolStoppable said:
Majin-Tenshinhan said:
RolStoppable said:
Majin-Tenshinhan said:

Maybe not.

But... He's a falcon! He can fly!

Now you are just being ridiculous. There's no point in continuing this discussion if you aren't being serious.

I am serious! You just can't handle the truth! You can't handle it!

Yeah, right. I am the delusional one of us two. Not you who still believes in Santa, Big Foot and the Wii legs fairy.

it's possible he could win. He would have to drive over a jump and crash into the great fox. Then falcon kick his way to the bridge and falcon punch the command deck to disable the ship

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I do think Nintendo owes us a classic after the tame 2009. A real Kirby, F-Zero or StarFox game would all be great.

Rol is jacking this thread. Keep it up!

Starfox just because I want a widescreen Starfox game. SF Adventures doesn't count. That game sucked.

F-Zero has been widescreen since 2003. So yeah...

I would go for Star Fox, the GCN versions sucked, the GCN version of F-Zero was awesome.

I vote for Star Fox (i pity him XD)


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For me F-Zero, i love racing games


Star Fox, but I want bot hof them...

Starfox if I could only choose one.


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