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    < Mythmaker1 updated his status:

    I'm done. Farewell.

    < Kaizar posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    And please sign my Petition:


    < NintendoPie posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    My avatar is indeed Maleficent.

    Thought so. Saw the trailer yesterday and am very intrigued. Pretty good casting choice there.

    on 11 January 2014

    I agree. After seeing S.A.L.T I think Angelina Jolie is a very reputable actress in darker movies.

    on 11 January 2014

    I actually haven't seen as much of her lately, but I haven't seen all that many movies either. Still, what I have seen agrees pretty well with that.

    on 11 January 2014

    < non-gravity posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Hey would you like to participate in the 10 Week Countdown 2013? It's a game where we predict console sales: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=170849

    < Mr Khan posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    I have to say that you're the most valid Nintendo critic on this site. I may not agree with you entirely, but you argue from valid positions, and are pretty on the ball.

    That's quite a compliment. Thank you.

    I try my best to be so.

    on 09 September 2013

    < tbone51 posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    looks like i win lol, over 100k for pikmin 3

    Point and Match. Congrats.

    Waiting for my sig.

    on 20 August 2013

    since your a cool guy, i'll go easy (something i wont do with Soleron :0 )

    Just Put "Bet Lost With Tbone51"

    Thats it! We goood! I hope Pikmin 3 does well, cant wait for other nintendo games though, im thinkin ps4 come to my room holiday 2014! HBU

    on 21 August 2013

    Sig Updated.

    Thanks for going easy on me. :)

    I'll be watching Pikmin 3 and all other Nintendo releases with much interest. Regardless of who wins or loses, I think this fall/winter is going to be one for the history books.

    on 21 August 2013

    yeap! Its all good, legs will be good, i got another pikmin 3 bet right now, i win if it sells a mil copies by July nest year

    on 22 August 2013

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Write on his wall...Is that avatar a play on Nintendo? 3DS is up, Wii U is down?

    My thought when making it was kind of "neither up nor down." Sort of like being neutral.

    on 26 July 2013

    Interesting thought, though. :P

    on 26 July 2013

    < tbone51 posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Thats 1 point for me! 92k for japan!

    Even though i wish it was much better -.-

    Probably, but remember it's as the figures appear on this site, and it isn't up for the time being. You'll probably get your point soon, but you don't have it yet.

    on 17 July 2013

    lol, its fine VGChart will put it at around 97k! Europe i have no clue how welll it do, but im confident in US #s !

    on 17 July 2013

    We shall see. :P

    on 17 July 2013

    Final total reported by the site is 95,802. Congratulations on the first point.

    European results should be in early August, and US results a few weeks later.Good luck!

    on 25 July 2013

    thankz, I hope Europe dont bomb, not cuz our bet, just in general! Mario and Luigi Dream Team wont do good in Europe, but japan hopefully it have legs, even though it did 100k! Im expecting US to pull good #s for both games!

    on 25 July 2013

    I wish I could be more optimistic on that score, but I'm far more confident in my other numbers than the Japanese one. And if your margin of error stays around the same, I've got a good shot at winning

    on 25 July 2013

    we will see soon enough

    on 25 July 2013

    "Soon" being relative, but yeah. :P

    on 25 July 2013

    < Ayb posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Hello friend,I will like to have a privet discussion with you, if you don't mind can you write me back with my privet/personal email (ahok.kwajelukare(@)(yahoo.)co.uk), so i can send you more of my photos and tell you about myself.I'm Ahok by name.

    < tbone51 posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    End the WiiU+Vita Doomed threads!


    You better Predict! Lets see in the next years how both systems do -_-

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Mythmaker1's wall:

    Welcome to the site!

    on 03 February 2013

    Never said it then, will say it now, thanks for the welcome. :P

    on 01 April 2013

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