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    What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    in General Discussion on 20 September 2017 by Flilix

    Why the bump? We have a very similar thread that's still active....

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    Screenshots Directly from inside Second Son early buyer ; Downgrade Debunked

    in Sony Discussion on 20 March 2014 by MikeRox

    Nate4Drake said:12 hours to go, can't wait ! they tried delivering mine today, but I got the SE so it wouldn't fit through the letter box :( gotta go collect it from the post office now :/ don't think I can get it til next week :'(...

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    Titanfall, something I can't get over. UPDATE: Poll added

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 March 2014 by radha

    J_Allard said: radha said: J_Allard said: radha said:When a developer makes a single player game I feel they build a roller coaster for me, and I feel MP games are a parking lot, where people can play amongst themselves, but here are not rides or anything, is only empty space, in MP, gamers are making the fun, is lazy for a dev to make a MP only game if they plan to...

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    Mexico versus North Korea - who would win in an all out war?

    in Politics Discussion on 26 February 2014 by wangjingwanjia

    iFlow said:Easily Mexico. The States won't allow a threat (especially a communist nation with "nukes") near our borders. Once the states declare that they'll defend mexico, China would probably either try to stop NK or ignore it. If it wasn't for our business relationship with the Chinese, than China would probably align with NK. While NK has a million troops and all of their funding are...

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    playstation 4 looking like its going back to p2 like domination

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 February 2014 by withdreday

    ironmanDX said: withdreday said: ironmanDX said: withdreday said: Oh denial must be a fun state...If it's doing it now with no major releases and it's not even out in Japan yet, what the hell do you think is going to happen once those two things happen? Seriously, delusional logo lickers such as your self are the worst. The Xbox is done. Please stop...

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    Microsoft claims Xbox One sold out worldwide; Retailers beg to differ

    in Sales Discussion on 08 December 2013 by thx1139

    BMaker11 said: thx1139 said:BMaker11...As many have said before "sold out" at retailers doesnt mean you cant find one at a retailer (or several) somewhere. Your picture stating it is from BF and ms speaking 5 days later means that picture is useless. MS spoke days after. You dont even know when on BF that picture was taken. How do you know that store had more than the average...

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    If Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft joined forces...

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 December 2013 by Goatseye

    What was Xbox 1 reception in Brazil? In the news, within the gamers community, etc......

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    Was the Sandy Hook shooting a fake?

    in General Discussion on 13 February 2013 by Max King of the Wild

    there is a second video now that makes even more stupid and ridiculou claims...

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    Which Internet Browser do you use most frequently?

    in General Discussion on 12 February 2013 by huiii

    Chrome. Its the only one that manages to handle my insane amount of tabs without crashing.......

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    PS3 Outsells 360 Every Year except '06 & '08

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2013 by Mr Puggsly

    forevercloud3000 said: Sony was opperating under the idea that if you give "them" more they will see the value. This is not the case tho...at least in the US. The common consumer is looking at price mostly, and only the immediate rammifications of that price. PS3 was far better value in the long run. 360 appeared to be cheaper in the outset and the US consumer base abandoned Sony for that...

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    Xbox Live: No Longer the Gold Standard

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 January 2013 by JazzB1987

    Didnt read the whole article but the solution is easy but Microsoft wont do it because of PROFIT! Let normal people play for free with their friends and let people who give a F about rankings and tournaments etc pay for GOLD: problems solved...

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    Which country's people are the most arrogant?

    in General Discussion on 09 January 2013 by Michael-5

    Jumpin said: I think Americans don't actually realize that they have rude or arrogant manners, rude ways of talking to others, eating sloppily and excessively. Stuff like that, and throwing trash on the ground is normal in American culture and not meant by them to disgust or insult the others forced to watch, and not meant to be insulting or arrogant. There are a lot of Americans who...

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    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2013 by JayWood2010

    bananaking21 said: Kresnik said:Oh dear. im thinking about starting a thread like this, tons of users will reply, people will get banned, flaim wars will start and with every post i get 2 points! :D ...

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    GTA5 PS3 will outsell the X360 version

    in Sales Discussion on 05 January 2013 by iFlow

    SOLIDSNAKE08 said: iFlow said: SOLIDSNAKE08 said: going by GTA4 sales, this should be relatively easy win for ps3. its europe that will do most of the damage. problem is, vgchartz tracking in europe is not very accurate. also GTA4 on ps3 may have passed the 360 version ages ago. http://spong.com/article/17386/GTA-IV-Sales-Split-50-50-over-Xbox-and-PS3 thats from...

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    Prediction: Halo 4 will sell 12 million lifetime. Update: I now predict it at 10 million

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 December 2012 by NobleTeam360

    kowenicki said: turtuls said:I think 6 million tops since the "halo killer" actually did come out. Erm. Great thread.  Maybe I was a bit hasty in adjusting my prediction down. But lol at the guy that said 6 million already beat that in 1 1/2 months. ...

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    Why Video games aren't to blame

    in General Discussion on 16 December 2012 by Tigerlure

    Absolutely ridiculous to blame video games. Fox News has to find something else to blame other than guns, so they pick video games. I think both guns and mental health issues both played a factor in the shooting...

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    5 Reasons why PS3 owners are Superior to Xbox 360 owners (with chartz)

    in General Discussion on 16 December 2012 by Sensei

    LOL thanks for that op...

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    Next Gen consoles!

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 December 2012 by Mensrea

    Well the game industry has been growing since it's inception really, and I belive that it's growth it going to start to plateau. When this happens, competition is going to decrease, and things are going to change. I believe that either Microsoft or Sony are both moving to more of a "entertainment box" rather than a gaming console, Nintendo is nintendo and will probably stick to their guns and...

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    The REAL Problem With Xbox Live (OPINION)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 December 2012 by J_Allard

    I think it's been pretty meh for awhile personally. I think Major Nelson did an article or something about it recently....

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    Games that make you cry

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 December 2012 by IIIIITHE1IIIII

    Well, no. Not really. I was pretty damn near though at the endings of Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when Navi left Link... :'(   <-----(Purely symbolic. Never actually shed a tear.)...

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