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    How will the Wii U fit games on the PS4, if the PS4 will have 7GB RAM available?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2013

    Michael-5 said: Turkish said: Michael-5 said: Sorry, devs, and no Wii U is easier to develop for. To make a game which pushes the PS4 simply taes more time, it's a more powerful system. To make a Wii U game, all they have to do is use the engines they already made to make PS3/360 JRPG's.We're already seeing Wii U lead the Japanese Market, no major Japanese developed game has...

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    Would it be better for the GAMERS if Nintendo became software only?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2013

    swii26 said:For everyone that is sayin YES... all that means is that you recognize that Nintendo makes good games, so why then do you not support their consoles? Because they make terrible hardware, especially compared to their competitors I can buy nintendo land on the PS4, I cannot buy Killzone Shadowfall on the Wii U I can buy Monster Hunter 4 on Vita, I cannot buy Wipeout 2048...

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    Why Do People Think Sony Will Destroy Nintendo/MicroSoft Next Gen???

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 February 2013

    Mr Khan said:Who thinks that? From what i've seen, more bets are on Microsoft as they'll be the ones to really try to push hardware innovation and cross-market accessibility, though you can't count Nintendo out. Sony, meanwhile, seems to have a hard time learning lessons (see: Vita) your a MOD, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ OP it's just the hype dude to Sony's recent announcement for the PS4...

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    What games do you want that are on a console that you don't own?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 February 2013

    Killzone, Uncharted, God of War........

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    VGLeaks: Orbis unveiled!

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2013

    DieAppleDie said:if you ask me, those 8 1.6Ghz cores sound really underpowered... other than that, pretty good specs, still pricing will be the key factor cute...

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    Sucker Punch Interested In Creating inFamous 3, But Does Not Confirm its Development

    in Sony Discussion on 25 January 2013

    everytime I hear sucker punch I think of that god awful Zack Snyder movie...

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    Hirai says Sony is on track for a comeback

    in Sony Discussion on 20 January 2013

    Dodece said:Perhaps I have become jaded, but I am nauseated by the amount of spinning that is going on here, and no I am not talking about Kaz's comments on the future prospects of his company. I am talking about the Sony fans on these forums. He has an excuse for what he is doing. The rest of you ought to know better by now. Sony has consistently failed to meet expectations for the better...

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    Looks like next xbox is gonna be a good deal less powerful then PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2013

    more future tellers *sigh*...

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    Kotaku Rumor: MH4 is Vita bound

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2013

    wouldn't be surprised in the slightest ...

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    Sony sells New York HQ for $1.1 billion, up 19% in 2 days

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2013

    Dodece said:Sony has been restructuring since Stringer took the reigns. This isn't a new phenomena, and it most certainly isn't a new strategy. Stringer pioneered the concept of selling non core assets to cover the losses coming out of Sony's core businesses, and funneling the remainder into rebuilding the brand. The reason it didn't work for him, and the reason it probably won't work for...

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    I had a scary thought about the Vita.

    in Sony Discussion on 16 January 2013

    Wlakiz said: I think you offically degenerated into grasping at straws. The time it takes you to come up with that reply, you could have looked and searched for more evidence to support your argument but instead, you decided to cling on to your citation-less source. If being more informed and knowledgable means making baseless-illogical assumptions and posting more...

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    Wii U vs PS4 vs Xbox One FULL SPECS (January 24, 2014)

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2013

    ulieq said:this thread is hocum fixed that for you...

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    Are the poor performances of the Vita and Wii U a sign of things to come?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2013


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    If You Were In Sony's Position, How Would You Handle The Vita in 2013?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2013

    rename it psp 2 relaunch with lower price...

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    How big does the PSVita price drop need to be?

    in Sony Discussion on 13 January 2013

    ThatGreekGuy said:199$ with 4GB memory card included. this...

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    PS3 Outsells 360 Every Year except '06 & '08

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2013

    enrageorange said: RenderMonk said: So I was reviewing the VGChartz yearly Hardware sales , and Worldwide, Sony's PlayStation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360 Every single year except for 2006 and 2009!! That means 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 all belong to PS3 as the worlwide leader in console sales. You can say want you want about the 360 and North America, but bottom line is how many...

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    Sony Xperia Z: Details worth examining

    in Sony Discussion on 11 January 2013

    Nice phone, it will get buried by the SIV but nice effort non the less ...

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    I had a scary thought about the Vita.

    in Sony Discussion on 11 January 2013

    Adversly Hamiltons chances of being in a winning car next year is slim, lets hope he made the right choice...

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    Portable Console Business here to stay, Says Sony CEO

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2013

    I don't see anyone with a brain that doubted this Sony but ok....

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    Pokemon vs. Vita Library (2013)

    in Sales Discussion on 09 January 2013

    it will outsell every combined vita game launched this year, this year and it will sell more in 2 years than the to 10 vita games lifetime combined for the entire gneration...

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