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    What games are you going to buy before March 31st?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 January 2008

    FF7: Crisis Core (Will be my FAVORITE PSP GAME YET--Jeanne d'Arc is right now)Haze  (Best looking shooter I've seen in awhile--TRUE SPLITSCREEN!!!)Lost Odyssey  (The 360's Game of the Year IMO...lol, haven't even played it yet, but love it already)Devil May Cry 4 (PS3 version--consensus is that it is better)God of War: Chains of Olympus  (Should be great--but would rather have it...

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    How long until PS3 overtakes the 360 in total sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 15 January 2008

    In 2009.I think the ps3 will pass the 360 around fall of 09-winter of 09. Not a chance in 08' although I think it will probably cut the 360's lead NEARLY in half. Holiday of 08' is when the ps3 will make major gains on the 360...and should pass it buy Holiday 09'.And yes, the 360 will probably have a price drop in the Spring...but I expect the ps3 to have a price drop in the Fall too (or at...

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    Resistance 1 vs Resistance 2 - Graphics

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2008

    Here is a bunch more screenshots...they are poor quality scans though.http://www.ps3forums.com/showthread.php?t=118632  ...

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    DMC4 360 Vs DMC4 PS3 first week sales world wide.

    in Sales Discussion on 15 January 2008

    PS3 Worldwide: 400 (US-110, EU-140, JP-150)360 Worldwide: 350 (US-200, EU-110, JP-40)Total WW:  750,000 first week combined.  Might be a little high--prolly more like 600,000-700,000.I think the ps3 will manage a slight lead because of Japan and Europe. It will sell more on the 360 in the US, but it will have a higher attach rate (% of owners) on the ps3 in the US....

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    I really hope they don't make the zelda movie... have you seen the trailer

    in PC Discussion on 15 January 2008

    Lol...wow...Sci-fi Channel production? Lol...nah, its gotta be fake. I wouldn't watch that garbage of a movie if you PAID ME!!! Yes, whoever made the trailer had some money involved, but that's fairly common for film school projects in California. Lol...but even then, it was terrible. If they ever did really make a Zelda movie, they'd have to make it an animation film....

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    New LBP Video W/New Info

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2008

    Looks great! Starting to become more interested in the game as time goes by...wasn't at first.Key Points:Home Integration...Yay!5-15 minute levelsWILL HAVE A STORY!!!!!!!Can die multiple ways...can respawnBeta/Demo Coming....user generated levels will be ready for download when game actually launches thenGlobal Launch on blu-rayOf key interest...other developers will be invited and encouraged to...

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    If youíre buying a Mature game, donít bring younger siblings

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 January 2008

    Screw that.  I would have "left" with my little brother.  Stuck him in the car, went back into Best Buy alone and bought the game.   If they refused, I would have told them that he "drove separate" or something, I was alone & of age, and was going to buy the game.  Then I would have raised Hell on earth if they tried to refuse because I was...

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    Shhh, Sony Has 20+ Unannounced Exclusives

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2008

    Hell, you don't want to reveal all your goodies at once! That's the WORST thing Sony could do. It would surely get a big bang in sales--but would die a month later.It's better to make a big announcement like Resistance 2 & In-game XMB coming very soon every 2 weeks to a month.The idea is to keep the hype up and get free press coverage and advertising by stringing together multiple...

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    How strong are you?

    in General Discussion on 14 January 2008

    hehe...I'm pretty strong. I was a National Shot Put thrower in college.I like working out, but don't as much as I used to.  I used to bench press double my body weight....

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    Favorite Books

    in General Discussion on 14 January 2008

    I'm an avid reader and have a huge library (prolly around 1500+ books)---mainly Fantasy.A Few Favorites:Robert Jordan --all-time greatest (Wheel of Time Series) R.I.PTad WilliamsTerry BrooksTerry GoodkindGeorge R.R. MartinRobin HobbDennis L. McKiernan Raymond FeistSara DouglassAnd so many more!!!...

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    Edge 185 scores

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 January 2008

    Hmmm....I've actually enjoyed Dragoneer's Aria on the psp...a lot. It's definitely cliche and the male lead looks like a girl, and it's no Jeanne d'Arc, but it's a solid 7.0-7.5 game IMO....

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    GTA IV Impact and Halo 3

    in Sales Discussion on 14 January 2008

    GTAIV will be huge...duh...lol! Personally, I'm excited for it, but I'd rather have FF...but I'll admit...I'm in the minority there.GTAIV will be the tipping scale for many people sitting on the fence about buying a next gen console.I think the key for GTAIV moving more hardware for the ps3 is for the ps3 to grab some attention ahead of time with a few other major releases (like MGS4, etc.). If...

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    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 January 2008

    I liked Fable...my favorite game on xbox...my biggest complaint is that it's short as hell...especially for an action rpg....

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    SRPG Disgaea 3 for PS3 --Intro video unveiled...looks great

    in Sony Discussion on 12 January 2008

    Can't wait for Disgaea 3 to hit the US...I'm sure it eventually will...if not I'll definitely import it from Japan. Anyhow, here is the intro video:    ...

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    A new PS3 bundle for Europe??

    in Sony Discussion on 12 January 2008

    This is a good idea because a lot of people don't see added value to the bundles when they don't get games they actually want. e.g. Motorstorm on the 80GB or Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Forza 2 on the 360 may be a great games, but none of them hold ANY interest to me...so let me pick something else I like--Like Ratchet & Clank or Uncharted....

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    SSBB $19.82 at Walmart

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2008

    Yay...I got Haze AND Singstar for $30 each! Thats $60 saved in about 2 minutes work....

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    Sony breaking even on PS3/making profit 40gb PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 11 January 2008

    The blu-ray diodes cost has already dropped by $100.00 or so. They did cost OVER $100 a piece when the ps3 first came out, not they are around $7.00 a piece. That's HUGE savings from just one part....

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    Microsoft tells website to fire journalist

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2008

    And the same time, this is the downfall of the Internet...you learn about this because of it; however, you forget it two weeks later and it has no lasting effects or consequences.  It's just another entertaining bit of drama from a Soap Opera.  ...

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    What's the longest time you've ever gamed in a single sitdown?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 January 2008

    Probably 18-20 hours on Final Fantasy if you count bathroom and food breaks. Lol @ Rocketpig...I thought I was bad when I got drunk and played Rock Band for 9 hours last week. ...

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    PS3 looking good for 2008.

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2008

    I think the ps3 will outsell the 360 this year. I think it has enough momentum world wide at this point that the sales will only continue to increase. I also think that the major titles such as GT5, LBP, MGS4, KZII, etc. will be giving it a boost every 2 weeks something major releases once late summer/fall hits. This software should offset a price cut by the 360 IMO....

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