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< KLAMarine posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:



on 28 March 2018

Oh my! Let's keep things safe for work!

on 28 March 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

I didn't even notice that you changed your avy

Nobody notices because he's like a ghost... in a shell. Can't believe they made an anime about him.

on 27 January 2018

< RolStoppable posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

My spreadsheet tells me that you've posted more often in 2018 than in 2017.

You keep a spreadsheet?

on 05 January 2018

Either way, it's incorrect =P

on 05 January 2018

Your spreadsheet is incorrect. I locked more threads requiring posts in 2017 than I've posted in entirety in 2018.

on 05 January 2018

The spreadsheet makes a distinction between posts of merit and non-contributions like thread-locking posts.

on 05 January 2018

By that metric I still posted more than most of the site last year.

on 05 January 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

Hey. How's it going?

Hey! Sorry for being so delayed. It's been really busy. How are things on your end?

on 06 October 2017

That's OK!! I've been fine myself

on 06 October 2017

I have three jobs and six kids. How busy can one Trasharm be?

on 05 January 2018

13 hour work days on average (plus weekends) + mental health stuff + social anxiety = one tired and busy Trasharm

on 06 January 2018

< sethnintendo posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

Glad to see you posting again.

Thanks. I've missed the community but life hasn't been easy. Hope I can keep it up.

on 17 July 2017

There are only a few people on this site or were that I consider to have good humor and you are one of them. That might not seem too special but hell it is something!

on 18 July 2017

Heh, believe it or not I used to take a lot of pride in putting out quality stuff. It got really bad at times where I'd write up entire posts and take hours on them and then deem it not good enough to post.

on 18 July 2017

I appreciate the accolades. It means a lot.

on 18 July 2017

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Sunset Overdrive Rated For PC in Korea

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

WoodenPints said: It's publisher is Microsoft Korea so hopefully they will be making the game a Play Anywhere title and those who already own it will have access to it and can continue on with their saved games cross platform etc, Which also in doing so I would imagine a X enhancement for console. I had hoped they would do this for Quantum Break or Ori as well. But they didn't. It...

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Sunset Overdrive Rated For PC in Korea

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

I honestly feel like this is a great move for the franchise. I'd love to see a sequel be green-lit and this could help that to happen. It had its time to shine as an Xbox One exclusive and attract any attention to the console it would've effectively banked on. Perhaps it gets an Xbox One X patch alongside the PC release to give it some new legs on the system. Though my concern is how much...

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Anti-spam Measures - Deployed

in Website Topics 5 days ago

Peh said: TalonMan said: You know what? I'm going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that there is incredibly real possibility that you're the guy responsible for this. And with every post you make in this thread, I'm getting closer and closer to hitting the nuke button on your account. Your consistent defense of, "Hey, this wasn't really a waste of time - it's great that you...


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