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    Okamiiden is out, but can it sell 1million WW?

    in Sales Discussion on 22 October 2010

     There hasn't even been any third party million sellers on this DS this year aside from Dragon Quest has there?  Fewer and fewer are coming through now too with the DS software sales in decline. No chance at a million imo, especially what with it's launch so close to the 3DS.  I'd be surprised if this ever hit 6 figures in Europe....

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    Software Sales Definitely Appear to Have Peaked for Current Machines

    in Sales Discussion on 22 October 2010

     Would really love to see data of just home consoles - imo alot of this could be accounted for the natural decline in DS software (Which alot of publishers have cited as a problem in fiscal reports) due to piracy and just end of cycle decline. Certainly going to hurt the BIg 5 in Japan I'd say, along with PSP falling down too.  My gut feeling is that the 360 and PS3 software totals are...

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    Microsoft asking retailers to pull Kinect pre-orders

    in Sales Discussion on 22 October 2010

    Smashchu2 said: kowenicki said: Smashchu2 said: Most likely Microsoft is holding back shipments to show how "well" Kinect is doing. Kinect is a big gimmick. We know the product simply doesn't work and Microsoft is spending billions of dollars to make it look better than it is (rather than put that into the product itself). I think that Kinect will end the Microsoft game...

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    Microsoft asking retailers to pull Kinect pre-orders

    in Sales Discussion on 22 October 2010

     Gut feeling for me is Microsoft are going to be fake shortages all xmas, to make it the 'must have gadget'. People always want what they can't get, Kinect is no different, pretty much trying to get it into mainstream culture as the 'must have electronic thing' like the Wii was a few years ago.  Good strategy tbh, provided people still care in January......

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    Pachter: Move is "ahead of what I thought previously"

    in Sales Discussion on 21 October 2010

     Strong figures for a peripheral which is sold out in alot of retailers, certainly looks like Sony have struck a mini gold mine here. Must be a nice profit margin on this Move controller, it amazes me it's doing so well tbh.  Think Sony had forecasted 4 million units shipped by March 31st 2011 - based on that leaked SEGA document a year ago or something along those lines, so looks like...

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    Analyst: Tomb Raider cost $100 million, needs 5-10 million sales to succeed

    in Sales Discussion on 27 March 2013

    The actual quote doesn't say that Tomb Raider cost $100m budget, but tbh I wouldn't imagine it's far off given the long developement time, huge marketing push and size of the studio which made it. It's a high production value game and every bit your definition of AAA - in the sense of large budget needing large sales to repeat large rewards. It's impossible to know but I'd say a game like this...

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    Why PS Vita Flopping Is A Good Thing

    in Sony Discussion on 02 August 2012

    I've always imagined the Vita is just the 'footsteps' in making the gaming tablets / phones. I have no idea how hardware costs would go, but they could surely make a tablet / phone that has all that functionality, but also the hardware to play all Vita titles. Then you're getting both what you say is best, them going for phones / tablet, but with a huge software lineup already (relatively...

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    For the Non fanboys, are you happy about the Handhelds getting lots of attention?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2012

    Yeah, I'm getting to an age where handheld game really has it's appeal now. Can't be at home every night, lots more travelling etc. It's just far more ideal and the Vita seems to fit what I need, provided it keeps getting the software. Would be a shame for the phone market to swallow it all up and stuff, can't imagine playing games with only a touch screen lol....

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    MS/Sony published game sales comparison (since release of ps3)

    in Sales Discussion on 25 July 2011

    Neither way is 'fair' - the current method he used to calculate it discounts games lke GoW and Viva Pinata that sold the majority of games after the PS3 release... which is illogical. On the other hand if you include them, it's a bit distorted as you're effectively comparing PS3 software sales from a system which start on 0 userbase versus a system which started around 11m or whatever - which...

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    Sony: NGP can't compete with smartphones

    in Sony Discussion on 25 July 2011

    Good read from Sony, thus far everything they've said about the Vita has sounded good to me. They definitely have a good vision of what they want for the thing, and where to take it, they just need to get the execution down now. I think for me I'd take the bigger screen over portability, as I always got annoyed with the DS screen. I never had pocket space for my DS so I've kind of wrote off...

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    MS/Sony published game sales comparison (since release of ps3)

    in Sales Discussion on 25 July 2011

    The list definitely imo looks better on Microsoft, they've been able to get their biggest games to reach out further then Sony has. I'd assume it's just them having a clearer vision on how to market these things. It'll be interesting to see how UC3 and Gears 3 compare this holiday... imo theres no reason why UC3 should sell less then gears... but it probably will, cause Sony can't market it like...

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    PS3 vs Wii - Which actually has the best graphics?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 February 2011

    PhantomLink said: Winters said: PhantomLink said: radishhead said: I really want to know this because some PS3 games look awful compared to some Wii games and to other PS3 games. Is this just the developers fault? I heard the PS3 has shaders (if anyone could eleborate). Thus far the best looking games for the PS3 and Wii respectively are GT5 and Mario Galaxy 2. I don't have a...

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    NGP lacking much support

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2011

     I'm pretty glad with what was shown, to be honest the point of the conference wasn't software but hardware, just sounds like we've got some decent first party stuff lined up too, and a few majors franchises from third parties already. The big difference is this isn't E3, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom etc arn't present at this conference and most likely don't want to show off whatever...

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    X360 responds to VGchartz’s How Broken Is Games Journalism? ‘analysis’.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 December 2010

     Whoever wrote VGC's article doesn't seem to realise that Kotaku arn't game journalists......

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