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    < APKenna posted something on rf40928's wall:

    Im not deniying the the Memory is holding back the cell processor itself, read my comment again please. And i do have to completely disagree on ur comment "there arent many games that showcase the cells power", have you seen and played Uncharted 2 & 3, God of War 3, KZ2 & 3, MGS4, GT5??? An expert will tell you that the quality and graphics on any of this games are un-touched by any 360 exclusive/3rd party game. And please don't call me a "blinded Sony fanboy", little more respect. The PS3 is my console of choice by many reasons over the 360, Sony takes care of its customers even though they might of messed up on the memory and the launch Development Kit, but this is far over with...like i said, if people still complaining about it they are plain lazy and don't want to do their job, and they don't have to be 1st party to create masterpieces, they just have to do what they are paid to do but unfurtunately sometimes the PS3 gets the end of it from ports, which thankfully there are very few now and none foreseen in the future i hope. Btw, did you hear about the Price drop? Im interested to see what Microsoft does!

    < APKenna posted something on rf40928's wall:

    Regarding your comment that the PS3 is held back by it's memory... You've got to be kidding, your cooment sounds 4 yrs old and coming from a Xbox fan...it is expected. You can't just wait to bash on the PS3 one way or the other, specially on ur comment below on ur last forum post. And you should do more research, an SPU can take the work load off the GPU allowing the GPU to concetraye on what's more important, Naughty Dog are experts at it as is every first party developer and third party developers who make AAA titles for the PS3 and learned this with the help of Naughty Dog, sorry but when developers still complaint on programming for the PS3, after Sony has overhauled their development Kit, they are clearly not doing their job and just been plain lazy...btw, do you own a PS3?

    This is a fact, games rely on the GPU more then the CPU, but its also a fact the 360's GPU is more powerful. Many articles have been writeen about this. Just google it. Anandtech did an in depth article on launch, but many have been done since, because 1080p support was added for 360 about a year later.. Most PS3 fans and articles favoring PS3 focus primariliy on PS3's cell.. but as i said above "FACT" games rely more on the GPU not the CPU which is what 'Cell' is.. I owned a PS3 for nearly a year before I sold it.. and I loved the PS2.. My brother still has all three if this gens systems... If you study the PS3's memory system - the GPU has to share bandwidtch with CELL thus making bottlenecks more problematic in face paced 1080p games... The truth hurts and only companies 100% committed to using PS3's optimizations can tap any extra power. To me this is arrogance.. Sony needs to quit saying "We're Sony and people will buy anything" .. Developers learned the PS2 because it was about the only option.. The PS4 needs to be more balanced, less pricey, and easier to program for.. To me the most telling story is ANY OF THE BIGGEST SELLING MULTI-PLATOFORM GAMES always sell a million or more copies on the 360 ( despite the 360 barely being ahead in wordwide sales ) .. ALSO the 360's exclusives outsell the PS3's exclusives.. PS3 fans can argue about quality titles all they want.. but those titles are not outselling anyone.. PS3 is in last place in total game sales - which is where the money is made.. not console sales.. Console sales account for little profit compared to games

    on 16 August 2011

    well now that i've read the arguments i must say it was very balanced until rf40928 called apkenna a sony fanboy which i should report, and rf40928 you've been here since 2009 so you should know better, but i liked the banter so i won't.

    i know allot about this topic but its been sometime since i did the research, but i think you both can debate your asses off, and it was very interesting to see. remember guy's its not about graphics or sells which is where you both dropped the ball but its about the games. if the games come out just unbelievable and epic and what ever else a game needs to do to be perfect then the hardware has hits mark.

    on 09 November 2011

    don't take anything i've said as a negative cause it was not meant that way.

    on 09 November 2011

    < yo_john117 posted something on rf40928's wall:

    Hey do you know what points you need in Arena to get into each division?

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    Write 193

    PS4 early specs 'more powerful' than Xbox 720, claims source

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2012

    The whole issue is ps3 cell is also more powerful then 360s but not by much and mainly thru use of optimizations.. The problem is games are written for gpu's (graphics processor) , not cpu's.. And several in depth articles have pointed out 360 has a more powerful gpu then the ps3 - despite the ps3's more powerful CPU.. And yet here they are saying the CPU is more powerful.. What about the...

    Write 193

    PS4 early specs 'more powerful' than Xbox 720, claims source

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2012

    See my post below...

    Write 33

    Android is about to become king of mobile gaming. (OnLive & GREE)

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2011

    Some droid phones make good gaming handhelds..others don't..The problem is some droids have slower processors, and then screen sizes vary greatly.. It's fragmented.. Unlike iOS 5 (Apple) ..Everyone of the many companies selling a droid phone are all in direct competition with each other.. Which is why even with all the droid phones out there Apple reaps 60% of total profits of all ( yes, ALL )...


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