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    What current-gen games would be considered classics 15-25yrs from now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 December 2011

    wel for me there are only 2 games that I know ill play again in 20 years The World Ends With You Xenoblade Chronicles hopefully I will add The Last Story to my list, but to be fair there arent many games I like to revisit except for -Chrono Trigger -Final Fantasy 6 -Zelda a Link to the Past So by now you can tell I really love jrpgs ...

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    Official VGC Wii Game of the Year Voting Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 December 2011

    Best Platformer - Rayman Origins Best Action/Adventure - Zelda Skyward Sword Best Racing - Need for Speed the Run Best Party Game - Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Best RPG - Xenoblade Chronicles is the best but if you cant vote for it Rune Factory Tides of Destiny Best Shooter - Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 Best wiiware Game - Bit Trip Flux Best...

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    Official VGC Nintendo DS Game of the Year Voting Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 December 2011

    Ill vote for the best of the best. Best Platformer - Kirby mass attack Best Action Adventure - Okamiden Best Shooter - Call of duty modern warfare 3 defiance Best Puzzle Game - Ghost Trick Best RPG -Radiant Historia Best Graphics - Okamiden Best music - Kingdom Hearts RE Coded Most Innovative - Kirby Mass Attack Best Game No One Played - Radiant...

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    Upcoming wii games over the next month! Good line-up! (Update)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 October 2011

    I dont undertsand why so much hate for the line up, yeah sure it isnt as good as the massive AAA games the ps3 and xbox are getting and some shovelware titles but its also not even close to bad. It all started with bit trip complete and rune factory tides of destiny, two games that came this month and I know I will be playing for quite a while. Then later this year Kirby, Zelda, rayman, back to...

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    Which Console do you Prefer and why?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 October 2011

    I choose the wii because of its new way to play games, playing metroid prime 3 with the wiimote is one gaming experience I will never forget. Oh and I love niche and original experiences and the wii has plenty of those, it may sound crazy but I prefer a niche game that takes chances than a AAA that plays it safe....

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    Rate this Gen's Market Leader: Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2011

    8 out of 10 as it is true that the wii had graphical and online shortcommings but it had arguably the best 1 party library, also a great amount of exclusive, niche and original games and a new form of control unlike any other before it so it definitively deserves a great score. People that say the wii had no games are out of their minds, yeah sure the wii didnt get AAA games like assasins creed...

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    Who has played Xenoblade?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2011

    Its one of the best jrpgs you will ever play, it has everything you want from a great jrpg. A fun and deep battle system, a massive world full of life and incredible art design, lots of things to do ranging from side quests to plenty of other collectibles, a music score that will haunt your dreams and a great story filled with quite good plot twists that will make you go thinking wtf. Overall an...

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    Vote Now! Your Favorite DS Games of All Time!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2011

    1 The World Ends With You The best rpg of the geration and easily one of the best of all time. 2 999: 9 Hours. 9 Persons, 9 Doors The best visual novel game ever, so many plot twists in the end that will make your brain explode. 3 Radiant Historia Time Travel + Great story + Nice Battle System = Incredible Game 4 Elite Beat Agents Addictive music game that will test your might with the...

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    *Best New Franchise By Year*

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2011

    Ill start from 2006 as my memory is kind of rusty 2006 Okami 2007 Bioshock 2008 The World Ends With You 2009 Scribblenauts 2010 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors 2011 Radiant Historia Most of my games havent become a franchise yet but hopefully they will....

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    Why people kept mentioning Mad World as if it's an AAA game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 July 2011

    Madworld was very hyped, so most people thought it was a AAA game. With that said I think it was a great game with a huge flaw, replay value as it is a 4 hour game. Other than that it had a great art style, story was decent but the gameplay was also great, especially for a beat them up. With that said anyone that says that No More Heroes sucked is wrong plain and simple. I can understand that you...

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    Im thinking im done with Nintendo for awhile.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 July 2011

    I think its too soon to judge what nintendo has in store for us in the future, who knows maybe they will bring xenoblade and the last story to NA. With that said I am not into the wiiu but everything will depend on what games are coming to entice our interests. The 3DS sucks right now but in the future it promises greater things. In the end the best thing to do is wait and see....

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    What was the first video game you ever played. :)

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 July 2011

    Diablo 2 and Age of Empires 2 when I was 11 I think. I came late to the videogame community but I have been gaming nonstop ever since =)....

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    Have you ever cried playing a video game. :)

    in General Discussion on 01 July 2011

    Metal Gear Solid 3 and Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon, both because of their incredibly emotional endings that are quite intense, especially fragile, the ending is so sad that crying was a must. Also my eyes got teary when finishing 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors because of so many plot twists being thrown at me in the end that my brain exploded and my eyes were watery of...

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    Which video game have you spent the most time on?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2011

    Monster hunter tri with over 100 hours and I still want to continue playing but I currently have some other games to finish. Starcraft would be another one and guitar hero. Oh and I have beaten chrono trigger and final fantasy 6 at least 5 times each....

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    I'm addicted to bad games and I need medical help (recommend me bad games)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2011

    Valhalla Knights and maybe Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers for wii. The latter is actually not that bad with a nice concept of grabing and throwing enemies but there is too little fighting in the game and its not fleshed out very well but its entertaining while it lasts....

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    the 3 consoles every true gamer must play

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 April 2011

    Snes, PS2, wii I think the snes and ps2 are must play consoles though the wii could easily be changed for a ps3 or xbox360 depending on each ones gamin tastes, but for my tastes wii is better. Though the nes hasnt aged well so it isnt must play for any true gamer. Dreamcast had some truly great gems but its two year cycle made its library not big enough for a must play position....

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    The Nintendo DS Awards

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 April 2011

    Ill add a few more cathegories so here goes my best of the best for one of the if not the best console ever made: Best RPG : The World Ends With You     Best music game: Elite Beat Agents Best FPS: Metroid Prime Hunters Best Visual Novel Game: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Best Action Game: Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals Best Fighting Game: Jump Ultimate...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles/Monado (Wii) coming to Europe

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2011

    hell motherfukin yes, with that said I am an american gamer so hopefully they will bring it here. Oh and dual audio is like a dream come true =) and something more japanese rpgs should try....

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    SHAMEville: Confessions of a Lonely Gamer...

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2011

    Top Rated Games unfinished or not started yet: Mario 64, FF7 and pretty much every grand theft auto (except chinatown wars) and plenty of fps games. Games that kicked my butt so much i couldnt finish: The only one that comes to mind is shin megami tensei devils survivor, even though I have plenty of experience in turn based games my ass was kicked so much that I put that game to rest but I intend...

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    the essential top 10 games every gamer should play

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2011

    Chrono Trigger Zelda A link to the past Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Starcraft Diablo 2 Super Mario World Halo Resident Evil 4 Soul Calibur Final Fantasy 6...

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