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< Majora Just got the platinum trophy for LotR: War in the North! Hooray! Amazing game. Loved every second!!
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< Nintentacle posted something on Majora's wall:

Is that you in the avatar, or someone else?

I'm the white guy in the pic 😊

on 04 April 2014

I'm the white guy in the pic 😊

on 04 April 2014

I'm the white guy in the pic 😊

on 04 April 2014

Sorry it posted three times! Annoying much!

on 04 April 2014


on 04 April 2014

Why you ask?

on 04 April 2014

I was just curious.

on 14 April 2014

Ok fair enough :)

on 14 April 2014

< Majora updated his status:

Just got the platinum trophy for LotR: War in the North! Hooray! Amazing game. Loved every second!!

< Majora updated his status:

Thoroughly enjoyed a successful Festivale on Animal Crossing! Absolutely brilliant! Till next year!

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Majora's wall:

Liking this avatar very much!

Thank you! It's me and my husband on our wedding day 😊

on 10 February 2014

:D Congratulations! You guys both look so happy in this picture! When did the ceremony take place?

on 10 February 2014

Thank you! ^_^ it was on 17th January. It was a really amazing day - best ever!

on 11 February 2014

< Majora updated his status:

Backlog of over 20 games... Oh dear =\

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Why is everyone so complacent with Pokemon XY?

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

Although I loved everything about X and Y, it was a huge let down for me. And the only thing it was missing was soul. But that is a huge part of what made it so special in the first place. Pokemon, I mean. It had soul. But not anymore. Sigh....

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You know what Nintendo should do?

in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

Yes! Love this idea! I'm one of the few people who doesn't mind being seen as a cunt because I love collecting trophies and Ninty games have some brilliant opportunities for some actually worthwhile trophies a la the Perfect Run in SMG2. That deserves a fucking trophy! Still never completed that level 😔...

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Mario Kart 8's Final Roster Will Only Have 30 Characters!? <(o_O<)

in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2014

Einsam_Delphin said: Majora said:I really want the Honey Bee Queen thing from Galaxy and MK7 to be in this. And I'm being deadly serious. That's perfectly fine! Really, I don't understand all the Honey Queen hate. She's about as useful as Rosalina or Waluigi, but no one complains about them! I think she's awesome! Kinda cute too haha...


Education: Humanities Diploma

Height: 5'5

Build: Athletic

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Brown

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Relationship status: Married

Favourite Games: My fav game ever hands down is Majora's Mask.

Favourite Music: Love Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Goldfrapp - love a lot of different stuff. Mainly R&B and Soul, but love a lot of rock as well, HIM, Panic! and Good Charlotte being particular favourites. Older stuff I listen includes Guns n Roses, Gladys Knight and The Carpenters.

Favourite Films: Love all the Studio Gibhli films, and most Disney. Also love Avatar, Misery, The Last Emperor, Beaches, Interview with the Vampire (love horror movies) and 2012 was cool too haha.

Favourite Books: Oh god again, too many. I love reading about Ancient Egypt (I wanna be an Egyptologist) so love books by Christian Jacq. I enjoy books by James Herbert, Anne Rice, Stephen Kind, Barbra Erskine and Phillipa Gregory.

Favourite Food: I love Indian and Thai food. Big fan of spice. Also love fruit (random I know) and of course Italian.

Hobbies: Obviously gaming, I also love reading and watching the TV. Love going for long mountain walks and also love swimming.

About Me: I want to be an Egyptologist and I want to travel the world. I enjoy gaming most because it is a beautiful thing, and often in my view broadens my opinions of culture and the unknown.

My 3DS Friend Code is: 3866-8598-0737.

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