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    Help with Civ 4

    in PC Discussion on 25 December 2008

    If you guys can't get it running on vista, I suggest going to apolyton or civfanatics and checking through the forums over there....

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    CD Drive Driver problem (Please Help!)

    in PC Discussion on 14 November 2008

    Are you sure the drive itself isn't broken? You can test it if you have a bootable cd (like an o/s disc). Put it in and see if it boots. If it doesn't, the drive is probably bad or has a loose cable. Otherwise, drivers for the drive itself should be available from the website of the manufacturer....

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    Looking to buy a Wii? Check this BF deal!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 November 2008

    Sam's Club black friday ad has been leaked and the deal is this: Wii 2 Extra Wii-motes 2 Extra Nunchuks Mario Super Sluggers King of Clubs Mini Golf $224 scan here http://www.mediafire.com/file/y2jqznb1myw/SCBF.pdf Also, they're gonna have WiiFit for $78.84 That Wii deal is unbelievable. I might pick up another one if I go there....

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    Sega: Wii Is "The Most Expensive Board Game On Earth"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 November 2008

    sethnintendo said: You can count me out of buying anything Sega for awhile. They have produced nothing but shit for awhile though. Do they even own 2k Sports anymore or did 2k break off from Sega or stop producing titles under Sega? Madworld, HotD and The Conduit are all being published by Sega. They're actually publishing some good games for the wii....

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    Sega: Wii Is "The Most Expensive Board Game On Earth"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 November 2008

    It's unfortunate that the number of software sales don't support his supposition. Otherwise, he'd have a legitimate point. However, looking at software sales and attach rates pretty much blows his argument away.Are there people who put the wii down after a while? Absolutely. Of course, the same can be said about all 3 consoles. ...

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    Alternative Keyboard/Mouse Solution for Couch Potatoes?

    in PC Discussion on 02 November 2008

    Gyration. They make a motion enabled mouse/remote control combo. They also make rf wireless keyboards. I have just the motion control mouse/kbd combo that I got from woot for about $50. I got a remote from Newegg for cheap.The case that I'm using for my HTPC is an NZXT that I got from Newegg for about $40.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146034It was on sale for ages...

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    PC troubles looking for sugestions

    in PC Discussion on 04 October 2008

    Could be a myriad of things, but unexpected shut downs are usually due to the power supply. ...

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    Google to launch browser to compete with Microsoft

    in PC Discussion on 02 September 2008

    BenKenobi88 said: disolitude said: wonder what they get with this...FF, IE are all free. Cant be much money in the browser industry. I preffer IE7 to Firefox 3 but its all same shit... *snickers*Tell me what the benefit of using IE7 to FF3 is, and I'll give you a cookie. Trick question!  No cookie, sorry. Malware? ...

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    PC gaming is a real pain

    in PC Discussion on 24 August 2008

    You know what I find more annoying than anything PC gaming related? Trying to aim with an analog stick....

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    A Heavy Update for Team Fortress 2!

    in PC Discussion on 13 August 2008

    Keep crying, baby!You! Yes, you! You are dead!What sick men sends babies to fight me?I am amused by entire itty bitty teeny team!...

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    I am looking to get a HDMI cord what is the cheap one and is it worth it

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2008

    I picked mine up at BigLots for $10....

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    in Gaming Discussion on 22 July 2008

    Only if they get the motion controls for ripping out people's beating hearts correct. ...

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    Hard Drive Installs Take 2: The future and the present motivations for MS.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 July 2008

    Solid state disk drives are the future. Well, it's actually the present for high end pc's. If done correctly, a SSD will allow nearly instantaneous on/off and say goodbye to loading screens. By the time the next gen of consoles comes around, I suspect a 250 GB SSHD will be about $50. The real trick will be if one of the console makers decides to use a new architecture for transferring data,...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2008

    IMO, everybody lost e3. Seriously, it's got to be the most disappointing bunch of press conferences ever done. EA is the winner by default....

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    Game you want badly?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 July 2008

    Half-Life ep3Left4DeadPortal 2c'mon Valve, GOGOGO!...

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    Is sony ever going to match MS software wise this generation.?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 July 2008

    I'd just like to note the large on-line advantage that Sony has: FREE...

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    My Wii broke ..... *cry*

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 July 2008

    Ok, I was correct about the power supply going over-voltage. It sounds like it took a shock. I'd send it in. Nintendo is pretty good about these things as far as time and money. I'd at least call them to see what they said, that's free.Everyone remember, if you get no power on your wii, unplug the power supply for a while and plug it back in. Works every time (ok, almost every time)....

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    My Wii broke ..... *cry*

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2008

    Unplug the power supply for a few hours and try it again. The wii power supply doesn't have a conventional fuse. If it receives an over voltage, a capacitor holds open a switch. The capacitor needs to completely drain in order to reset itself....

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    which time we will see PC technology reach its limit ?

    in PC Discussion on 30 June 2008

    I believe that the correct answer is: Never....

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    Xbox360 HD domination begins - 06/07/2008. $299 Pro is coming!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 June 2008

    Refurbs? PR disaster, thy name is Microsoft....

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