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    America pre-orders 20th August

    in Latest Charts on 23 August 2011 by yo_john117

    Week Halo Reach Gears of War 3 Net...

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    2011 Blu-ray Sales Percentage Tracking

    in Sales Discussion on 22 August 2011 by Wonktonodi

    Vetteman94 said: zuvuyeay said:good to see the all time BR chart dvd's get cheaper every year so i guess its hard to be up yoy what does the new release box office power mean That is one part of the numbers I have never understoodprobably means how much money the new movies in theaters made that week. ...

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    Head to Head

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2011 by dsage01

    Michael-5 said: deskpro2k3 said: Michael-5 said: deskpro2k3 said: A_C_E said:   Am I sensing a pun when I read, and I quote "RAAGE!!!!"...?    something like this . "RAAGE" See these types of bosses are just too silly for me, but MGS4 is still a game that is better then...

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    PS3 and 3DS Both See 'Significant' Sales Bump, says GameStop, Target and Amazon

    in Sales Discussion on 19 August 2011 by pezus

    binary solo said: pezus said: binary solo said:"The 320GB PS3 bundle with PlayStation Move is (as of this writing) up by 450%" So up from 10 units to 45 units. :-D No wouldn't it be up from 10 units to 55 units? Up by 45 units(450% of 10) I guess depends on how you read it. Could mean 450% above, or it could mean 450% of. Way I normally read % increase...

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    *OFFICIAL* Sony Gamescom 2011 Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2011 by deskpro2k3

    really impressed with Uncharted 3. I almost wish I didn't see it because now its kind of like spoilers. 249.99 is good price....

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    July NPD - #1 X360, 277k, PS3 148k, Wii 190k, 3DS <115k

    in Sales Discussion on 18 August 2011 by sales2099

    Blood_Tears said: sales2099 said: psrock said: Seece said: psrock said:Just horrible sales across the board. Rubbish, 277k for X360 in its 6th July is great, 2nd highest July for the console by a margin. 277k with many being given out for free does not impress me.  360 = 277 PS3 = 148 Considering how ps3 gamers are always raving...

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    EMEAA Up! 13th August

    in Latest Charts on 17 August 2011 by Ail

    drkohler said: Ail said: Sony has done a very good job at handling their price cut compared to what Nintendo did on the Wii a few months ago. Less than 2 weeks from the cut and the sales number hardly dipped..... In the area I live, several shops have had special sales of various PS3 units/bundles at reduced prices (about half of what is to come) within the past few weeks....

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    God of War III Surfaces On NPD Sells Over 70k In July

    in Sales Discussion on 15 August 2011 by ww3ismw3

    Strong, but how? :O...

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    Sony To Announce New AAA IP At Gamescon? SCELondon Have Something Up There Selves

    in Sony Discussion on 15 August 2011 by Munkeh111

    Well I would love a new Getaway, or something similar (well I would really like it to be in London...) but I don't really expect it, I only expect to be disappointed by GamesCom...

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    Twistes Metal Ps3 delayed 2012

    in Sony Discussion on 06 August 2011 by slasher894

    makingmusic476 said: I so called this earlier in the year. Though when they announced a firm date, I figured I was wrong and jumped on the 2011 bandwagon. Should've stuck to my guns! Edit: So, to look at each year's line up: 2011 January - LBP2February - KZ3March - MLB, MotorStorm (though it was delayed in NA)April - SocomMay - Something.  I can't rememberJune - Infamous 2July -...

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    Resistance 3 Has Gone Gold + New Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 05 August 2011 by Ferrari_7861

    Check out this video. IGN are calling Resistance 3 The Brownest Game Ever. uk.ign.com/videos/2011/07/30/resistance-3-fade-to-brown-music-video...

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    SCE Acquires Sucker Punch

    in Sony Discussion on 04 August 2011 by S.T.A.G.E.

    Sony just ensured a badass launch for next gen and a great ending to this generation. Microsoft really needs to start thinking long term. Nintendo really just needs to stop going after the hardcore and pump out their top sellers now....

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    New Playstation Exclusive announced!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 July 2011 by mchaza

    A Indian game, there better be sudden Bollywood song and dance sequences. ...

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    WW UP (16th July 2011)

    in Latest Charts on 28 July 2011 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Michael-5 said: Alby_da_Wolf said: Michael-5 said:   OHHHHH My honest mistake, I thought it was! So I guess there are two optional bundles, Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resorts, or Mario Kart. That makes more sense then 120k Wii's, 142 k Wii Sports Resorts and Mario Kart. 22k for individual sales of Wii Sports Resorts and Mario Kart. That makes sense, I...

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    PS3 will be last place this Holiday Season.

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2011 by smroadkill15

    kickazz113 said: smroadkill15 said: BHR-3 said:highly doubt it %100 confident aswell Kinect has done nothing since last year to help 360 outsell the ps3 the past what 7 months? where are its shipment numbers they madea big deal bout fastest selling HW ever stuck at 10M? what makes you think it will for the last 2-3 months of this year more adverts? im sorry to tell you and...

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    Which is better - xbox achievements or ps3 trophies?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2011 by MaulerX

    People forget that from day one, when you unlock an "Achievement" on 360 the accompanying symbol has always been a picture of a trophy. In fact, next to your gamer score you always had a symbol of a trophy.   Now as far as how the actual Achievement/Trophy systems go, it's a matter of preference. Personally I prefer how better integrated the Achievement system is to XBL. Plus it...

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    PS3: 'Still a Pain in the Ass' for Developers

    in Sony Discussion on 26 July 2011 by Cypher1980

    naruball said: Cypher1980 said: naruball said:Hm, if it's so damn difficult to develop games for ps3, why are there so many multiplatform games? Especially low budget games? Casual games don't sell well on the ps3 and developes still make them, instead of sticking to wii and 360. Weird eh? I can't think of many examples that ps3 is left out, other than the Black Eyed Peas...

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    Xbox 360 First-Party 'Has Been Superior' to PS3, Wii, says Microsoft

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2011 by S.T.A.G.E.

    smroadkill15 said: naruball said: smroadkill15 said: I knew development cost and such goes into account whether a game is AAA or not, but I always considered scores and reviews as a big part of it. You can spend huge amounts on development, but if quality doesn't reflect those cost, reviews and scores will have more impact on the game sales than the development...

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    Bondi cut LA Noire desks to fit Blu-ray

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 July 2011 by Vetteman94

    thismeintiel said: Vetteman94 said: thismeintiel said:Lol, is this guy nuts? The capacity for a single-layer Blu-ray disc was increased to ~33 GB in 2010. 3 dual-layer DVDs hold ~26 GB. That's not even taking into consideration that MS reserves ~ 1 GB per disc for security purposes, so its more like ~23 GB. So yea, I guess according to this guy 23 GB is WAY more than 33...

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    *Will Sony ever return to the top?*

    in Sales Discussion on 21 July 2011 by cAPSLOCK

    I think it all depends on how they approach the next generation. It should be obvious at this point that the rules that governed previous generations no longer apply. Love the Wii and DS or not, things are not the same anymore because of these 2. The rise of $1 games also plays heavily into the landscape now. If it becomes a battle of muscle and throwing money around, Sony is going to lose...

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