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    Who's the strongest super hero? (No anime!)

    in General Discussion on 06 May 2012

    Silver Age Superman is the strongest version of Superman. Superboy Prime or Superman Prime is his equal since he is a real person who gets the power of Superman. Since SilverAge is official dead that would make Superman Prime the strongest yet he seem to can't handle ION a being that represents the full power of the Green Lateran. Then if we are going Marvel Hulk, and Thor are up their but Thanos...

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    Tupac (2PAC) appears at Coachella 2012!

    in Music Discussion on 20 April 2012

    That alone makes me sad! Tupac the G.O.A.T. ...

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    Malstrom equates 3D Mario with poison

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2012

    The same way 2D Mario in some way gave birth or a place for Mega Man, Castlevania, and others. 3D Mario aka Super Mario 64 gave birth to the 3D age. Games like Ocrania of Time, Tomb Raider, all of Rare games on the N64. Then even Sega attempting to do a 3D Sonic game. It's the same prinicple....

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    The Wii isn't perfect, and I'm not either

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 January 2012

    Is this even a real post or someone practicing creative writing....

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    Analyst: Nintendo will be bankrupt in 5 years

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 October 2011

    Just click on the thread for some numbers! Information gathered from the wonderful folks from NEOGAF. http://neogaf.net/forum/showpost.php?p=19625436&postcount=90   In other words this guy is a troll!...

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    Analyst: Nintendo will be bankrupt in 5 years

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 October 2011

    Please delete post got some kind of site error. That made me double post....

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    Monster Hunter 3G lacks what made 3 good!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 October 2011

    Great post by the way Rol let me add to it with this. There are almost 7 million PS3 in Japan, and there are almost 18 million PSP in Japan. Portable 3rd sold over 5 million copies, and Freedom Unite sold around 5 million copies. What's the odds of every one of those 18 million PSP owners also own a PS3. About 50% but still I bet there are more PSP owners with out PS3 than with it. So how are...

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    Is Nintendo focusing to much on Japan?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2011

    Western developers are only excited by the Vita due to it's power. They now have another console to port their home console games too. With that I ask this question are you really going to buy a new AAA on your Vita or PS3/360. No your not you play portable games on a portable device. For the 3DS to be a huge success or at least as big as the DS. They most capture the same markets they had...

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    Is Sony handheld gaming's last hope?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 September 2011

    No! Not the last hope because Handheld gaming is not in trouble. Did you see what the announce the other night. It was garbage, but it will still sell because of fanbases, and fanboys. ...

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    Not sure if the Xenoblade Chronicles situation has been addressed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 September 2011

    Where is Justin Timberlake when you need him! First what constant remakes? OoT just one 1 remake, StarFox 64 1 remake. 2D Mario Games 2 Remakes each SNES Allstars, and GBA versions. So ya if your going to complain at least get your facts right. If you really want something bad enough then do what it takes to get it. Between Microsoft's RROD, and Sony's Online Hack, Linux Removal. I don't...

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    Question for the Mario Lovers: NSMB vs Galaxy

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 September 2011

    The overall polish in 3D Mario games make them harder to wait for. If Nintendo can make more 2D Mario games like Yoshi Island Super Mario World 2 then I would change my answer. ...

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    Xenoblade debuts at number "2" on the U.K charts! "3" on Dutch Charts!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2011

    If this game has only sold 38,000 in the Pal Regions. You can pretty much forget about this coming to the US....

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    SONY: we want mobile gamers to come to Vita, Wii & 360 gamers to PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 19 August 2011

    TheFallen said:Just because it's stating the obvious, it doesn't mean his point isn't valid. 360/Wii owners looking for a second console will be looking at PS3 because of it's attractive price point and impressive lineup (1st and 3rd Party). Newcomers will also be keen on PS3 too. 360 owners have the same 3rd party games. Wii owner enjoy their 1st party games on Wii. If anything...

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    Why aren't Sony exclusives/software selling anywhere close to Xbox360?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2011

    RolStoppable said:Mainly because Sony's lineup is built on diversity while Microsoft chooses to brainwash people with their marketing. Not sure about that when the best sellers on the system are all FPS multiplatfroms games. Hell Sony fans won't even buy the exclusive FPS on their own systems. So brainwash of not the 360 fans knows what they like, and go out and purchase them. The...

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    Japan usually tells us what is the next big thing right?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 August 2011

    Nope the PSP had huge increase yet you can't even give them away here. ...

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    Prediction: NSMB's successor will launch this year

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 August 2011

    Cheebee said:Meh, there's no pleasing some people, especially where Nintendo's concerned. If they'd release another sidescroller or starhunter Mario, people would call them lazy and say they're tired of the same rehashes all the time, yet when they innovate and try new stuff like this, people still hate on them, saying they want the same old stuff back. -_-' Actually! To think that...

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    This is not DS,this is Nintendo 3DS - new ad clarifies things

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 August 2011

    killeryoshis said: trasharmdsister12 said: killeryoshis said:That ad makes the 3DS system look like its made by a competitor especially with all the games they show. Not one nintendo game I saw a brief glimpse of Ocarina for what it's worth... And every other 3DS game sucks and it has no future is also what its saying as its just showing ports and remakes and...

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    Lots of 3DS games cancelled. A worrisome trend?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2011

    Hudson a company that is going under console all their games. That leaves 3 games that have been canceled. Mega Man Legends 3 creator/director left the company why would the continue with the game. So this is more press trying to make something out of nothing. The same way the news media is saying Tiger Woods is going broke. You telling me a man who has made billions for a span of 15 years. Now...

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    Im thinking im done with Nintendo for awhile.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 July 2011

    Nope! Still planning to pick up Kirby, Zelda, and all those 3DS games. Already played Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower due to a old gaming technique called importing. ...

    Write 13

    Star Fox 64 3D gameplay

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2011

    How come everything always sound better in Japanese? Dam might be time to import a system....

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