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    < Skeeuk posted something on spidey_77's wall:

    ive already had forza and pgr series, ive finished with them, no point buying them again.

    regarding initial d and ferrari challenge, im fans of them games them games arnt for everyone sur. but i like playing them.

    ps3 orange box is fine theres nothing wrong with it.

    ps3 will have the better games this year, im sorry but only fable 2 i will get this year for my hd-dvd player

    < leo-j posted something on spidey_77's wall:

    The only reason I have so many posts, is because Im very active when I post, I can literally post 200 times in one hour. Chill out man, im just attacking you because you decided to attack me.

    And I have a life, a very stressful life, but I do have one.

    < leo-j posted something on spidey_77's wall:

    you must be so happy about yourself, no need to attack someone just because your a nerd with no life

    < Valkyria00 posted something on spidey_77's wall:

    I choose to believe that he is. I cant actually confirm anything but there are a lot of good reasons why he is still alive. No on e can actually confirm his death or life until Sunrise says so.

    Check this thread out http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=45830

    Dont bother reading the last one under 4chan though. Anyways it gives some good reason as to why he is still alive.

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    Best Console for RPG\'s

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2008

    Current gen its 360- the undisputed leader in RPGsPrevious gen its PS2- quantity and quality where there...

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    Is paying $50 or less year for xbox live really that big of a deal??

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 October 2008

    Bitmap Frogs said: kowenicki said: Skeeuk said: yes of course its that big of a deal. some people are working out 3p a day or 11cents a day etc, its not about that at all, its the fact that u have to pay full stop. eg if my live runs out 2mro, i would have to pay 39.99 i say no to that. i enjoy psn as its free and does exactly the same thing as live. remeber the only...

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    Ten Week Countdown 2008!

    in Sales Discussion on 20 October 2008

    TWRoO said: I will add Left 4 dead and Banjo..... GTAIV DLC won't make any difference to weekly sales.I don't know what TLR is though.---@Oyv. There is the fact that for all three people were voting too low.Also about the prediction league... I PMed nordlead about it, ioi put a cap onto the voting of 1,000,000 for the consoles to help stop people messing up the averages, but obviously it...


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