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    America Up!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 17 May 2009

    WiiStation360 said:Adjustments for the PS3 or 360. The 360/PS3 gap back down to 8M.   there is a reason why ever single month at npd time americas numbers are delayed.  vgchartz numbers are worthless and they have to take time to readjust after legit numbers come in.  if someone has another explanation why npd week has the americas numbers delayed i would love to hear...

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    GDC: Rockstar should have had more ‘realistic expectations’ for The Lost and Damned, says Pachter

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 March 2009

    Avarice28 said:I think instead of printing a retraction, pachter is trying to do either a cover up or a bold face lie to save face. I know quite abit of people who have 360's who are not on live due to the fee. The other half of the people I know have live but have already traded GTA4 in for another game, so it makes no since to pay for the game plus 20 bucks for the download. So IMOB I...

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    What will be the maximum and minimum PS3->360 gap in 2009

    in Sales Discussion on 04 January 2009

    min gap- we are at it nowmax gap will be about 12 million.360 will outsell the ps3 in each quarter of the year. ...

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    iSuppli: Teardown of Sony's PlayStation 3

    in Sony Discussion on 23 December 2008

    exchange rates help sony when talking about manufacturing. yen being stronger means they can buy more with it. currencies can't hurt both costs and revenues....

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    Nintendo Dual Screen, DS Lite, DSi........ PS2 record is next?

    in Sales Discussion on 18 December 2008

    thought this thread was gonna be about a ps2/tivo hybrid. ...

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    XBox 360 - 40M Units Sold by the End of Next Year!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 November 2008

    i don't think we see an arcade price cut next year but the premium and elite will both drop 30-50. microsoft will make sure the pro model will always be cheaper than the ps3....

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    So let me get this straight, Microsoft is chocking sony to death

    in Sales Discussion on 13 November 2008


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    Guitar Hero 3: 5 Million Copies sold/shipped WW

    in Sales Discussion on 10 January 2008

    so the site has sales as a million over shipped? doesn't sound too good....

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    THE GAMES OF 2008: XBOX 360

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 January 2008

    fable 2 will have great sales. the original being on the marketplace should help quite a bit. i never would have played it but got it on there and will be getting 2 now....

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    Thwe Wii will pass 360 by 4/1/08 in NA

    in Sales Discussion on 22 December 2007

    100 dollar gta price cut and the 360 stays ahead till the next ms console is out....

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    Another question about the Xbox 360: Wireless Connection

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 December 2007

    you can just buy another wireless router and hook it up to the 360. save 50 bucks or so....

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    Next Round of Price Cuts

    in Sales Discussion on 04 December 2007

    i think microsoft went with the 50 cut so that the second price cut around gta can be a massive, everyone on the fence buys one, kind of cut. thats the game that will usher in a bunch of ps2 owners into the next gen. a 200 dollar arcade would be just the thing to push them into the 360If i were sony i woudl take my lumps in north america and work on getting the rest of the world. blu ray...

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    Next Round of Price Cuts

    in Sales Discussion on 03 December 2007

    arcade isn't going anywhere....

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    The Japanese Console Market

    in Sales Discussion on 19 November 2007

    its not about the japanese market shrinking its about everywhere else growing and catching up to the tech lifestyle of the japanese. look at the markets and demographics the wii has opened up in the us. in the us we could see the wii oupace the ps2, the 360 outpace the xbox and the ps3 outpace the gamecube. lots of growth here as disposable income and freetime for gamers steadily increases....

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    The Japanese Console Market

    in Sales Discussion on 19 November 2007

    japan's global market share will shrink each gen and prob end up around 5 percent 30 years from now....

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    Microsoft pays 50 million dollars for GTA Exclusive Content

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 June 2007

    funny thread. ms paid for the extra content last year before the ps3 had released. had the known the massive failure it would become they wouldn't have done it....

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    Will PS3 WW sales ever stop dropping?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 June 2007

    way things are heading, we could see a less than 100k worldwide month for the ps3 by the end of the summer....

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    American Wii Dream

    in Sales Discussion on 23 May 2007

    you don't even mention madden. that game is gonna move tons of 360's as it will be the main console for the game and all the competitions. ...

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    Who buys What?

    in Sales Discussion on 20 April 2007

    godfather on the wii didn't sell because wii owners who would be into it already bought the game for ps2 or 360.   ...

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    Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii price-war!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 April 2007

    Hus said:tkjinak said: Am I missing something here? the core 360 has always been 300 dollars. now as in if the price of its rival mattered so much to Nin they would be cutting wii price due to the $300 xbox. nintendo could care less what other companies are doing if they are selling out their supply.   ...

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