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< Seece 46 days till E3!!!
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< Shadow1980 posted something on Seece's wall:

Hey, Seece. Spurge recommended that I message you regarding this thread I posted:

If you can provide some assistance, it'd help me out a lot. I seem to be running into dead ends in my searches.

Sure, I posted in your thread.

10 hours ago

< Seece updated his status:

46 days till E3!!!

< Seece updated his status:

48 days till E3!

47! I want some new IPs, not just sequels.

1 day ago

< tbone51 posted something on Seece's wall:

I'll just leave this here

Thanks, kinda knew all of that anyway tho as I have all the NPD data myself, and you should have done it in chart form so it's easy to read! Good for you making a 'negative' Nintendo thread tho :)

4 days ago

i knew 3ds was overtracked, but i was hoping by 200k-300k, but unfortunately its over 500k :(

Vita i thought wouldn't be more than 50k, cuz the number is low (we have it at 1.74mil) but is alot lower. I wonder when it'll hit 2mil? NPD showed it was near 10k, and thats with a 5 week month and FFX release. NPD apr will be interesting, vita slim comes out May so we might see under 10k in Apr O.o

4 days ago

< aikohualda posted something on Seece's wall:

my blood pressure went up to 130/80 :O

Is that a good or bad thing??!

5 days ago

bad... very bad.... im doing more cardio now... i just did almost 7 miles in an hour....

5 days ago

Impressive, I walk 8 miles at least 2 days a week, but it's not a good idea to do lots. Why is yours high then?

5 days ago

this is when genes trumps diet and exercise i think.... family history of bad genes XD both parents have hypertension

5 days ago

Ah, sorry to hear that. Are you on track to reach your goal tho?

5 days ago

i think so :P how many days do we have? :P
hey i still wanna hear your accent!

5 days ago

Ha you can hear it on Skype sometime. I said end of June but I wanna extend it to August 1st!!

5 days ago

june 30th it is :P
what's your skype id?

5 days ago

Ha no way, not showing until I'm ready. And I'll give it you nearer the time!

5 days ago


5 days ago

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Microsoft Results Due. FY14 Q3. Beats estimates AGAIN. Rev $20.4bn, Op Inc $6.7bn

in Microsoft Discussion 31 minutes ago

kowenicki said: Seece said:hour or so to go right? Until stuff comes out. soon as NASDAQ closes... so yes, 9pm our time. Thanks, will be interesting! I just realised that the gaming division revenues will be massively up YOY, more than double probably....

Write 84

Microsoft Results Due. FY14 Q3. Beats estimates AGAIN. Rev $20.4bn, Op Inc $6.7bn

in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

hour or so to go right? Until stuff comes out....

Write 59

Mario Kart 8 Bundle confirmed - Coming to Europe

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

TruckOSaurus said:@Seece & Zero: Stay off each other's back. Also, for those not in the know, BenVTrigger has proven time and time again to be a reliable source when it comes to retail information. He just states things as he sees them, without any agenda behind it. Don't start on me, I was trying to prevent the thread getting shitted up yet again with a pointless argument this...

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