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< Kerotan posted something on Seece's wall:

Why so you always have sexual pics of men as your avatar?

This is the first one?

14 hours ago

the last one was too in fairness. who is the guy anyway?

14 hours ago

No really, it was a clothed guy, just cos a guy has pecs doesn't mean every pic of him is sexual!

14 hours ago

Try saying that about a women with big tits =P

7 hours ago

< OfficerRaichu15 posted something on Seece's wall:

what do you think black fridays sales for wii u and xbox one will be

I believe both will be 500k+

Fail to see WiiU that high, last year in US WiiU didn't even pass 220k for the entire month, and Smash doesn't come out in Europe and Japan until December.

300k tops for WiiU, 600k for XB1.

17 hours ago

< TheSource posted something on Seece's wall:

Whenever we did predictions side by side, for instance you lost the global forecast here by 5m. See:

Aha that was yers ago. My predictions this year are panning out almost exactly.

Thing is with my mistakes, they're born out of optimism of the market, yours are as ever, too low on Micorosft and Sony, and too high on Nintendo.

1 day ago

< wolflink posted something on Seece's wall:

When i made that prediction only the launch on tier 2 countries were announced, the deal with a free game was announced before my prediction.

And the soul of the question was : will the xbox be ahead of wiiu at the end of september because september sales? and the answer is to this very day NO

Except shipped XB1 is ahead of WiiU LTD lol. you seem to apply not basis to your predictions, to think WiiU stood a chance of outselling XB1.

2 days ago

< wolflink posted something on Seece's wall:

that was before that free game promotion wich was the reason behind those 500,000 , nor china nor tier 2 countries, so you were more wrong than i was

I was more wrong than you were? LOL Except I wasn't wrong. And you have zero proof that WiiU would have outsold it in September (Hint, it was never going to happen.)

3 days ago

Also, China and tier 2 had been announced before September 3rd, as was the free game deal.

3 days ago

AND to boot, XB1 outsold WiiU in August, without anything at all pushing sales :)

3 days ago

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XBox ONE v Xbox 360

in Sales Discussion 16 minutes ago

RolStoppable said:I take it, you picked 16 months (should be 17, really) to ensure that the One comes out on top. Doubt it, 360 only did 0.7m the following Q (17 - 19 months) and 1.8m the Q after (This is when Halo 5 will release). XB1 isn't going to fare badly against either of those....

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XBox ONE v Xbox 360

in Sales Discussion 18 minutes ago

XB1 should easily match 360's 4.4m first full holiday figure. These were the NPD figures it got over NOV and DEC to achieve that shipment Nov-06 1 511,000 Dec-06 2 1,130,000 XB1 has every chance of doing 1m each month. ...

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XBox ONE v Xbox 360

in Sales Discussion 23 minutes ago

RacerXGT said:any one had all the ndps till now and how they line up X1 vs 360 É 2.673m vs 3.497mXB1 leading by 824k....

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