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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 5 days ago

    jason1637 said: Warren is now the front runner.https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html I am not sure what will happen with Bernie from this point forward.  The heart attack has to have impacted things somehow. ...

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    Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

    in Sony Discussion 5 days ago

    I am not sure why I get doing this at all, if the rumor is true. It will be cheaper later to release a Pro version update, and you also get a better view of what updates consumers want in a console. ...

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    Google Play Pass game subscription service goes live for $4.99 per month

    in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

    Will be checking to see if it works with my Chromebook. ...

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    Flight Simulator Alpha Previews.

    in Microsoft Discussion 5 days ago

    I want a cross country driving game that goes into scope like this. ...

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    Retro Tech Select - Official Channel Thread (UPDATE 9.30.2019)

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

    Good luck with the channel.   ...

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    Dune Remake Complete

    in Movies Discussion 6 days ago

    Anyone ever play the boardgame? It is a classic title from way back when. An update version is coming out: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/283355/dune ...

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    Pluto TV

    in General Discussion 6 days ago

    d21lewis said: I'm a little shocked that Sony has the app since they also have their own TV service. Pluto TV doesn't require a sign in or anything. Just download and start watching. It does let you sign up and get access to more channels.  It doesn't cost anything.  It is free and gives a decent cable TV feel.  It has a bunch of obscure stuff also.  It is like a...

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    Battletoads Gamescom Gameplay (Looks God Awful!)

    in Microsoft Discussion 6 days ago

    I believe doing this to the graphics is the norm for remakes of games now. You end up trying to make them much more like actual cartoons than like the sprites of the past. I don't mind the style myself. ...

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    Bleeding Edge may be a surprise hit

    in Microsoft Discussion 6 days ago

    Shaunodon said: "Maybe it’s because I also greatly enjoyed the masterpiece Battleborn"*Close tab* So, how did you reply to a thread whose tab you closed?  Pardon my confusion here. I liked Battleborn.  Shame it didn't do what it could have, but it got killed by Overwatch.  It tried to do everything and didn't make it.  Its approach to leveling made it a...

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    People dont get Trumped

    in Politics Discussion 6 days ago

    Ljink96 said: Polyludic said: Covfefe! Would you like a Hamberder with that? With Covfefe, that would be Moot (with gators in it).  The Donald says he is a poor typer, not an unstable idiot.  But, the O and A on a keyboard are on the opposite sides. Isn't this a political thread?  Curious why it is here.  Anyhow, carry on. With the Donald, I...

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    Asphalt 9: Out Now on Switch (Splitscreen, online without a Switch online subscription, etc)

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    I need to download it when it comes out.   ...

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    Is there a reason why people are still complaining about Nintendo supposedly "Not making new IPs"?

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    I think part of the criticism is not just the no new IP, but also new new game concepts. Does it matter if it is a character from a past game in a new environment? Like Nintendo could do a Wario business game. If Nintendo has a character that can fit a new game concept, why not use the older character? ...

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    Apologize to Adam Sandler now!

    in Movies Discussion 6 days ago

    Mar1217 said: It'll be fine as long as he doesn't star in that "Tetris" movie next, lol. So long as Tetris isn't the sequel to Pixels, it should be fine.  Here is a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE_1KlWFJyA ...

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    People dont get Trumped

    in Politics Discussion 6 days ago

    Covfefe! ...

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    Just got a Switch, what do I need?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2019

    Any good strategy or other recommended retro arcade stuff? I have a Switch Lite now. Big stuff are Mario Maker and Smash for me. I want to run some game tournament stuff. ...

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    NintenDominion: Nintendo Switch Lite Announced, Coming 9/20/19

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 September 2019

    I am now part of the cult of Nintendo. I have a Switch Lite. I traded in a 1 TB PS4 I picked up a number of years ago for $200 over the holidays. I am getting stuff for it. I have Mario Maker and Smash as the two big ones for it. I am up for other ideas. ...

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    There is hope for Stadia, it seems

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2019

    People want to be first to get something I guess. I wonder how the Atari VCS is doing. ...

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    Humanity could benefit from a soft reset

    in General Discussion on 20 September 2019

    Any time someone talks about eliminating "bad ideas", they seldom, if ever, think their ideas are bad.  The basic idea here is to purge the world of what you like and keep the rest.  Discarding everything learned from the past is also a recipe to repeat it. I am reminded of the movie GAS-S-S-S which pulled a Logan's Run of purge everyone over a certain...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion on 18 September 2019

    Jumpin said: Jaicee said: Also, it looks like Liz Warren's rally in New York City on Monday drew some 20,000 attendees, which would mark not only her most-attended rally of the campaign so far, but also possibly the largest rally to date in the whole 2020 Democratic contest. Boom. I was just watching a video on this: Trumplestiltskin is freaking...

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    Gears 5

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 September 2019

    Chrkeller said: I'm tempted to get a Xbox One for Gears. From my understanding I can download Gears 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5? Same with Halo 1, 2, 3 and Reach? ‐----‐--------- Those and all other games as part of Game Pass. Microsoft is making their content available through Game Pass. For the price of Gold and $2, you can upgrade your gold account to ultimate and get game pass....

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