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    PS4 LTD Sales should be at least 140 Millions

    in Sales Discussion on 04 April 2016 by barneystinson69

    Not going to happen. Over 100 million seems certain, but it likely won't pass 120 million, let alone 140 million....

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    Men of "Arab or North African Appearance" commit mass sexual assault/muggings in Germany on NYE

    in General Discussion on 20 January 2016 by KungKras

    barneystinson69 said: KungKras said: Haha, so if they don't work they're leechers, and if they do work it's the good old "They took our jerbs!" :) I don't actually dispute the fact that the welfare model will be under heavier strain now with a larger influx of refugees. But we can have a legitimate debate about that because determining how much is 'too much' for the welfare state...

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    Oculus Rift.. $599 US - Ships in March.. UDPATE: Now MAY

    in PC Discussion on 18 January 2016 by hershel_layton

    Eh, I'm fine with my good ol' 3DS and Wii U. ...

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    What do you think of Donald Trump?

    in Politics Discussion on 17 January 2016 by haxxiy

    Danman27 said: JamesGoblin said: Unfortunately, Hitler wasn't that much different from "ordinary" politicians - he just managed to get much further than many, due to set of unfortunate circumstances. As I said, I'm afraid that it's completely irrelevant who will win the next elections. Maybe you're right, but I still don't want a facist as our president. Given...

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    It's November 21st 2016. The NX is out and more powerful than the PS4. Are 3rd parties on board?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2016 by zamieh

    I think it'll be Wii U all over again, lots of promises but in the end when the new-console-hype is over the 3rd parties will vanish....

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    Global Hardware - 26th December (PS4 1.1 Million Units)

    in Latest Charts on 11 January 2016 by binary solo

    KLAMarine said: KazumaKiryu said: More than 35 million PS4's now ????!!!!! This is incridble! this is good for ALL console-gamer! its good for the games-industry! I still don't understand your reasoning. As to the second part of the bolded, I think it's something along the lines of when the leading platform is one where 3rd parties sell a lot of games, then the...

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    Which 3rd party ports would be most succesful with the Nintendo audience?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 January 2016 by oniyide

    CarcharodonKraz said: i think it will take two generations before 3rd parties can be successful w nintendo again, and that's only if nintendo's willing to shell out some cash for the 3rd parties on the nx. No way any 3rd party titles sell to today's standard of success on the nx. Nintendo will need to compensate for that somehow. First nintendo has to become relevent again and...

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    Contributor to Forbes : Sony VR to be more than x 3 that of Oculus Rift In 2016

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2016 by oniyide

    Dr.Henry_Killinger said: VR is too niche for any semblance of the power differential between PC and PS4 even mattering. Price is all that matters. Especially with the dearth of development for OR, thanks Facebook, compared to that of PSVR. Being more powerful isn't gonna count for shit yet. honestly does it ever really count? ...

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    Would it be a waste of time for Nintendo to get their own VR headset?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 January 2016 by Paatar

    Darwinianevolution said: How many games does Nintendo have that can fully use a VR headset? I think that only Endless Ocean and Metroid Prime are suited for that hardware. So no, they wouldn't make one. Although they using a 3rd party one like Oculus would be possible, but not this gen or the next. Oh my god Endless Ocean VR.... That would be amazing.   Now I want another...

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    Hidden PS4 Games

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2016 by twintail

    GribbleGrunger said: Are you under the impression that I'm one of those silly little teenagers who can't bare to think the PS4 might lose a month? I'm just offering one possible reason Sony might just do what I've said. Just the fact they can make sure there is a constant stream of games would be enough. Now Sony are benchmarking against the PS2 they'll want to make sure there are no...

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    Oculus Team says Oculus to have 100+ titles in 2016

    in PC Discussion on 08 January 2016 by Chazore

    Normchacho said: Chazore said: You can see the future and you know all this to be true?.   Well, they have announced that Dreams will support PSVR. Which is fucking awesome. Never heard anything about LBP and VR though. I meant more on the PC side because from history records PC still holsd a lot of exclusives by default (regardless of company "monetary"...

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    Sony's stock down ~28% from 52-week high, close to 52-week low

    in Sony Discussion on 07 January 2016 by Kagerow

    This is bad... Sony really need a strong foothold to push PSVR, and at this rate, that ain't happening. It is too much risk to take losses on those headset. Oculus Rift really did a numbers on VR's possibility space......

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    Nintendo's stock down 39.4% from 52-week high, nearing pre-mobile announcement levels

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 January 2016 by Ttech.

    Miyamotoo said: Now is perfect time to buy Nintendo stocks, after releasing first mobile game and announcement of NX stocks will go up. Did the wiiu anouncment and eventual release do that ? If its some weird product it can casue the stock to drop. ...

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    Party-Gif Thread: PS4 Sales Figures are FANTASTIC for the Videogame-Industry =)

    in Sony Discussion on 06 January 2016 by Ttech.

    RolStoppable said: When you think about it, the competition between PlayStation and Xbox isn't all that beneficial for gamers. They merely get to pick the lesser evil between the two, but the whole thing is run more like a duopoly where companies instead of consumers dictate the shape of products. Quick example: Proper competition would have made Microsoft offer a basic free online...

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    The challenge of launching a console in China, Why Sony is turning to Indie Devs

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2016 by ZhugeEX

    Johnw1104 said: That was a great read! Very informative. Has China relaxed its censorship of video games lately? I recall, for instance, that Europa Universalis III was not allowed in China as it acknowledged the historical existence of Tibet, but there's many, many, Chinese posters in paradox's forums playing EU IV lately. That's generally where I encounter Chinese gamers most often,...

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    PS Community Reborn!!!-An outbreak?! PSX has a date!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 10 October 2016 by axumblade

    Locking thread. Will post link to new thread in this post after its opened....

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