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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 01 October 2019 by Jaicee

    10/10! Love the X-Ray Spex! It was fun getting back to the fundamentals of the genre for a moment this morning. For something a bit different (but still '90s), I how about this simple yet I think poignant song about many people across the world being too worried about death to enjoy life? ...

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    I wanna start watching anime, where do I start?

    in Movies Discussion on 05 September 2013 by Chevinator123

    Michael-5 said: think-man said:Damn I hate spoilers!!! I was doing some research on some of the anime and read comments about them only to have people spoil the plot!! damn you internet!! My advice is pick 1 or 2 anime's and watch them. If you like them see what others have recommended. This one guy on youtube Anime Zone - gigguk. I tend to agree with his reviews 9/10 times....

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    Is Grezzo working on a new Four Swords game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 December 2012 by shiackz

    i want to play the aniversary edition , i have mine but my brother got his 3ds to late, how can i get another one? can somebody give it to me as a gift...

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    Male members of VGChatz, if you could fellate yourself, would you?

    in NSFW Discussion on 20 December 2012 by MoHasanie

    I chose "No. That's what women are for.". The sounds gross since the penis seems like such a dirty thing to put in my mouth. ...

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    Rumor: Samsung looking to enter gaming industry, hiring game developers?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 October 2012 by Mummelmann

    Well, now is the best chance they have in my opinion so they might as well go for it....

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    Capcom responds to Resident Evil 6 on-disc DLC revelation

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 October 2012 by Heavenly_King

    RE6 is really good, I dont get why all the hate....

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    Alice is Back! Did you or are you going to see the New Resident Evil movie?

    in Movies Discussion on 27 September 2012 by pokeclaudel

    Will not be watching this movie. The first one was good to me and loved the ending. I assumed Alice would fill in the role of Claire in Apocalypse but no they went in a really weird direction and have continued to do so. When Extinction came out I knew there was no hope for the series being good. Now their bringing back characters who died in the first movie as what clones for RE5. No I will not...

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    Do you consider Shia Saide Ledouche an action star?

    in Movies Discussion on 21 September 2012 by spurgeonryan

    WiiBox3 said:I'm ok with him on the screen, I don't like him off the screen where is is an arrogant snob that thinks he's above the world. I agree just because of the recent hair do that he is sporting along with the goetee. Looks rediculous....

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    Man breaks Penis Sues Penis Pill Company

    in NSFW Discussion on 18 September 2012 by DarkThanatos

    oldschoolfool said:I did'nt know that was possible. That makes me want to pass out,just thinking about that. ...

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    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Wii U trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2012 by ryuzaki57

    osed125 said: ryuzaki57 said: (1) NO! NO! NO! Don't tell me more , I don't want to buy WiiUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol man calm down first Bayonetta 2 and now this, you can't deny Nintendo is going in the right direction. yeah... now I've chilled out more or less I can sense some changes happening inside me. I may really have to change my view of all this....

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    Who's the most original band/singer today?

    in Music Discussion on 16 September 2012 by TruckOSaurus

    Metric! They're concentrated awesome!...

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    Monster Hunter coming to Wii U? Nintendo just won year one in Japan!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 September 2012 by Baron

    Gnac said: F0X said:Truth be told, Tri on Wii U sounds far better to me than Tri on Wii or 3DS. Naaah, sounds like Yoda teaching Luke to piss on somebody from a great height. Bwahahahaha.   +1 Do or do not, there is no Tri...

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    Ayane goes playable in Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden III

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 September 2012 by lilbroex


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    cats >>>>> dogs ( now with a poll )

    in General Discussion on 12 September 2012 by ghettoglamour

    I like both animals. Both are cute, maybe the cats need less attention if you have a busy life, but a dog can become a real friend, which is priceless. I also think most dogs love and care about the people they live with, cats don't give a shit about us and only care about us feeding them. So dogs FWT!!...

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    Wii U Getting PC Title Death’s Apprentice In 2015!!! PS3 and 360 version come next year though.......

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 September 2012 by spurgeonryan

    Porcupine_I said:So, i made a 8 bit game, but i have no money to advertise it, What do i do? Oh, i know! i'll just announce it late for Wii-U and the Nintendo fans will make sure everyone knows about my game! Step 3: Profit Just tell me about it and I will make sure it gets known on this site at least! I will not post news that is more than 5 years away though....

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    Beating A Dead Horse: PS3 to Pass 360 this Holiday?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 September 2012 by goddog

    Dark_Lord_2008 said:The PS3 will overtake the XBox 360 insert year threads were classics. A lot of people got it wrong. Whether the 360 finishes second or third, it has done a great job improving significantly upon last generation. X360 should reach 80 million sales, more than three times the total of the XBox. you mean threads like...

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    Demi Lovato and Britney spears get owned on X factor

    in General Discussion on 10 September 2012 by naruball

    binary solo said: bobgamez said: Smeags said:Not gonna lie... Simon's expression was hilarious (I lol'ed :-P). His face made it even more epic XD he knows its true Oh yeah! Simon wasn't all *SHOCK HORROR* he was all "You got Burrrrrned ladies!" What was with Britney though, basically accusing the guy of being some pervert? "I don't think I like you looking at...

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    U.S. Government creates cat-like robot that can outrun Usain Bolt

    in General Discussion on 08 September 2012 by Smeags

    loy310 said: Really? you guys are getting soft...... You're right. I should have just banned him immediately... but I'm a nice guy. (y) @BadGenome *Shakes head* You're one Bad Genome....

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    A virus that kills cancer: the cure that's waiting in the cold

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2012 by PullusPardus

    Since this is a gaming site, I'll just assume its FOXALIVE developed by Naomi Hunter, to cure FOXDIE , because of nanomachines and shit....

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    New Monster Hunter 4 scans and info - New weapon, armors, secret monster from trailer revealed (Update: New locale pics)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2012 by Navane

    curl-6 said:^ If anything, it looks like PSP graphics to me, Look at the mountains in that image you posted. Ugh. It might have better shaders, but I'm not convinced the 3DS is as powerful as the GC or Wii overall. Again though, it's Monster Hunter, so it'll be the tough-as-nails addicting gameplay that will make or break it, not the visuals. Resident Evil: Revelation should have...

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