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    Pokémon Sun and Moon is the most pre-ordered Nintendo game EVER

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2016

    Kai_Mao said: Kotastic said: lol you remind me of the SM3D World haters when the initial trailers released. You have extremely nitpicky criticisms, wait until the game arrives lol. Also the XY anime is one of the best animes out of the Pokemon series (barring championship episode), and I think Ash-Greninja is a great concept. And so does many other adults, not just 6-year-olds...

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    Pokémon Sun and Moon is the most pre-ordered Nintendo game EVER

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 October 2016

    mZuzek said: hershel_layton said: XY was the lowest selling game in the series. It sold 10 million less than BW.  Also, the ash-greninja thing was very popular. They wouldn't put it in if they hated it. People enjoyed the XYZ anime so they decided to bring it in. Not like he's as good as regular greninja. I'd rather see ash-greninja than an uber upgrade to greninja(similar to...

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    PS4 this week outsold XB1 lifetime sales in Japan.

    in Sales Discussion on 21 September 2016

    wtf lol...

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    Pikmin 3DS looks kinda bad

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 September 2016

    Uhh, well I'm decently excited for it. Seems like it can have potential with complex puzzles it can offer later down in the road, but not too overly complex since it's a 2D title, so I have moderate hopes for it. I always get a kick out of puzzle games that are decently challenging, but not over the top....

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    Dumb question, but how do I open the back of this mouse?

    in PC Discussion on 05 September 2016

    Captain_Yuri said: Kotastic said: It won't budge for some reason. It was my first intuition btw. Put more pressure on it I guess. There isn't much else you can do... lol I pushed it 3x harder and it worked. Thanks....

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    Dumb question, but how do I open the back of this mouse?

    in PC Discussion on 05 September 2016

    Platina said: Looks like you can try to put your nails or a screwdriver into the horizontal gap then skewer it out towards the direction of the arrow I tried it with a coin on both sides and it won't budge. Captain_Yuri said: Like so: [img]https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/Et21DRxPdROoWIJY.medium[/img] It won't budge for some reason. It was my first intuition...

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    Dumb question, but how do I open the back of this mouse?

    in PC Discussion on 05 September 2016

    This might be a really dumb question for those veteran PC people, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. How do I open the back of this mouse? It supposedly has the USB to connect to my laptop. It is a 2.4Ghz Wireless Aggressive Gaming Mouse.  Thanks for anyone that can help....

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    Your favorite costume in Smash 4?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2016

    I'm curious within the wide array of costume selections in Smash 4: What's the most popular costume for each character? I created a survey to answer my questions, please answer as honestly as possible!   https://goo.gl/forms/CglEZh6LHXJuBCPD2   Tell me if there's any mistakes or typos in there, thanks....

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    Is the chertz better than it was a year ago?

    in Website Topics on 29 August 2016

    lol worse. Remember when numbers used to be a thing? If you want better forums experience, go to reddit....

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    Best Nintendo portable?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2016

    What's the point of the GBA when there's the DS? What's the point of the DS when there's 3DS? 3DS wins easily....

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    Pokemon Go Loses More Than 15 Million Daily Users in a Month

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 August 2016

    It's still crazy how there's 25M+ concurrent players though....

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    Will Ash finally win a Pokemon League? *UPDATED OP: Finals over, the conclusion is...!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2016


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    Netflix boss defends giving Adam Sandler money to make awful films | 'The two movies premiered at No. 1 in every single territory of Netflix around the world'

    in Movies Discussion on 12 August 2016

    bananaking21 said: maxleresistant said: He didn't kill it, he didn't write or direct the damn thing. He didn't  do everything by himself... Putting everything on his shoulders is kind of ridiculous. he was the lead. and his face alone is beyong annoying, and thats before he starts to even talk. when the lead of a comedy is shit, the whole movie falls...

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    Was there a game you REALLY had to give up on?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 August 2016

    Xenoblade Chronicles. There comes to the point where a game feels too open, large, and long... Also I was trying to complete FE:PoR, but halfway through I got too tired dealing with archaic layout and design, so I just never found the motivation to keep on playing. Maybe one day though......

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    What do you think Sora (Sakurai) is up to?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2016

    Smash 4 Remastered...

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    A game that you want to play, but... It doesn't exist

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 July 2016

    The first 10 Fire Emblem games remastered. After playing Fates, all FE games pre-Awakening feels archaic in SO many ways. Picross 3D 2...in USA... Elite Beat Agents 2...

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    3000 pokemon trainers break record in Madrid

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 July 2016

    Slimebeast said: I think it all looks so childish. Adult people running the streets catching imaginary animals. Last week at my work a girl came and told us we apparently had a Pokemon gym just outside the building. And everyone was like, what on earth are you talking about? What a nerd... Because God forbid anyone to have fun with their hobbies. Is it also childish to hold a...

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    "Make America great again"... But when was America great?

    in Politics Discussion on 28 July 2016

    It's only a matter of perspective....

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    What Nintendo IP would you like to see as a movie/series?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 July 2016

    Fire Emblem anime would be the dream......

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    What do you call a fish with no eyes?

    in General Discussion on 27 July 2016

    Yo mama is so stupid, she bought tickets to the Xbox Live....

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