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    What has a better chance: PS3 big in America or 360 big in Japan?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2008

    I say PS3 big in america has a better chance. I just don't see the 360 selling 40-50k a week like the Wii did. it'll have it's odd 10-20k a week ONCE, but never to 30-50. also, the 360 was out for 2 years in japan and costs 2x less than PS3 and almost equivalent to Wii and yet it can't muster 40-50k on avg which the Wii can.  ...

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    Why are white girls (in U.S/Canada) *****ier than any other race?

    in General Discussion on 13 August 2008

    Me and my only friend had this discussion and it appears that white girls are more shallow and meaner than any other race. White girls are also more racist then White guys as well, especially in the West. They generally prefer white guys and specific types as well. So why are the white girls like this here?...

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    Why do americans reject big goverment (socialist values)? canadians like it

    in General Discussion on 10 August 2008

    Wouldn't you want free health-care like we do? If you think about it, we have more of a democracy than americans because they apparently have laws against marijuana (even tho i don't personally use it), gay marriage (still banned in most states), prostitution (legal in canada) etc.. even though we have big government intervention, it hasn't made us any worse than what you guys might think. did...

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    A man stabs a man in his sleep, cuts his head off and waves it to passerbys

    in General Discussion on 01 August 2008

    and this happened on a greyhound bus too!!! he stabs him like 30x, lops off his head and then waves it around the bus and people on the street....seriously, i'm gonna be sick :(   http://www.canada.com/windsorstar/news/story.html?id=5e5e949c-989a-47f7-86da-53801510af24...

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    This FFXIII thing on the 360 was not a big win for Microsoft. You know it

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2008

    Sure it may have won them over in the U.S and possibly Europe but multiplats do better on the PS3 in Europe, however FFXIII not being released in Japan on the 360 is a huge loss. Microsoft not securing FFXIII to be released in Japan for the 360 was their only goal and we all know that. They're trying to expand Japan, not elsewhere. So if Microsoft thought they won, they're in over their heads...

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    Sony did a lot of good things for Square, i guess they don't care.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2008

    Not only did they give them great FF sales, but they also own a stock in their company, but as well bailed them out of the horrible Final Fantasy movie, even distributing the damn movie at the same time. and that was a load of cash they had to pay to bail them out too. It's one thing to give the 360 exclusive RPG's, but FF should've been at least one exclusive they can leave on given their...

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    Why is Square-Enix being such a traitor? Konami is so loyal...

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2008

    They saw how much MGS4 sold to such a small userbase and it sold a shit load. Why couldn't S-E see that? especially in Japan. not only that but they are giving Star Ocean 4 exclusive to the 360. They are sacrificing Japanese sales for America and that will bite them in the ass....

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    Why do so many americans hate japanese gamers?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 July 2008

    Is it because of how poorly the XBOX 360 sells in the land of the rising sun? Is it because you feel Microsoft has given them everything they wanted in JRPG's yet they still won't buy the 360? Or is it what most think is because they feel Japanese people are xenophobic and only support their own developed games and not americans. It's not fair to hate on the japanese for only buying something...

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    Is it safe to assume that if the economy was better, PS3 would do better?

    in General Discussion on 07 July 2008

    If it really is an economic slump that's causing PS3 sales to be slower to adopt than usual, As soon as the economy is an economic turn-around, it should pick up speed isn't that right? Personally, i don't think the Wii is winning because it's just so damn cool and fun, but rather that's all people can afford right now and it's the cheapest alternative to next-gen gaming. This is probably why...

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    What is your real reason for not buying a PS3? Be Honest now.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2008

    Is it really because of the lack of good exclusive games?Is it really because of the price of it?Or is it really becausei t's just Sony and you have a hatred for Sony and don't want to buy their products?If it's the third, then that means there will be no reason whatsoever you will buy a PS3 in the near future and consider you an MS or Nintendo fanboy. ...

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    So, where are the "How can we Save the PS3" Topics??

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2008

    I may be new here but all i'm seeing is "How can we Save the 360 in Japan/Europe" topics...Is this place really pro-360 or Do most of the fanboys here WANT the PS3 to fail and Sony to drop out of the console race and make it only 2 contenders?It's just funny because the PS3 is obviously struggling in Japan and somewhat in America yet there's no topics about how they turn things...

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    Everytime Sony announces a first party game, it's always Questioned.

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2008

    No i mean it, like every single one.Lair was questioned about whether it was a good or bad game, it turned out bad.Heavenly Sword was questioned, it turned out average.Ratchet & Clank: TOD was questioned, it turned out good yet too short for everyone.Resistance: FOM was questioned, turned out good yet gamers said "It's no Halo"Motorstorm was questioned, turned out decent, yet gamers...

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    Is Microsoft's ambition is to try to take over the gaming world?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2008

    If you looked at Microsoft at a whole recently, you'd realize that they are up to something no good for that matter.At first they tried to help HD-DVD win to pro-long the format war, Trying to make it's console into a multi-media system like the PS3, The immediate 1 Billion in cash to fix those 40% broken 360's to keep the fanbase happy, The 50 million DLC payout for GTA4, the securing of...

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    LOL, Who thinks that XBOX 360 J-RPG announcement infuriated Japanese Gamers

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2008

    Whether americans want to believe it or not, Microsoft did this to boast Japan's 360's image, it wasn't for the U.S. If they thought Microsoft was doing this for them, they're crazy. Why else announce this IN JAPAN? But also, whether we want to believe it or not, It's image is also tarnished because of its american roots. buying the 360 helps america's economy, buying a PS3 helps Japans. you get...

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