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    So is Destiny a critical failure?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2014

    t3mporary_126 said:I hope by the time the PC releases, it gets any DLC the console version gets included and for free and they are also included in the reviews. The only major open world/sand box game I played last gen was Fall Out New Vegas (which was great!) so I'll be comparing Destiny to this. This is why im disapointed. New vegas (my fave game ever)  is how you create this...

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    So is Destiny a critical failure?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2014

    Tbh im just disapointed that exploration isn't rewarded. I was hoping wondering off and finding new area's would result in story expansion, rare item drops or even just bonus xp. But most of the time its just a dead end..i hope bungie are working on that but its a lot of work to get through if they havn't even considered the idea yet.....

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    Xbox One reaches 5 million! (VG Chartz)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 July 2014

    Next gen is doing booming business, they're both unpowered machines that don't deserve to but its good news for the gaming industry none the less......

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    When will the 9th Gen start?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2014

    2020. Sigh, it'l be dragged out right till the bitter end by which point the pc will be making them look like what the sega saturn looks compared to todays standard...

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    Crytek In Deep Trouble Adoption of CryEngine Not Good, Ryse Development Catastrophic (Update: Crytek denies claim)

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2014

    Such a shame. I'm one of the few people that played and really enjoyed Crysis 2 and 3 on console. For AAA games they did not sell well at all and i have no idea why......

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    Will Xbox One outsell PS4 this week?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 June 2014

    C'mon lil Xbox one, you can do it! (I love the underdog)...

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    PREDICTION: Destiny will sell 15+ million (across all platforms).

    in Sales Discussion on 14 June 2014

    15mill is not outta the question. 10-15 mill is a sure bet......

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    Sunset Overdrive 900p/30fps

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2014

    Gawd dammit xbox. #mustdobetter...

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    No one talking about Mirror's Edge? What's wrong with you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2014

    Here here. First game was ignored unjustly by the general gaming public even though it was awesome. The more hype for this new game the better...but its a bit like the metro series. No matter how good it is and how many people i tell, no one bothers to actually get the game. Theres always something more popular they'd rather play first.....

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    Edge of Tomorrow has a 90 % on Rottentomatoes.com but still Bombed at the North American Box office. People Hating on him for his Religous beliefs is NOT cool!

    in Movies Discussion on 09 June 2014

    A lot of u.s movies 'bomb' in their home country but are still mega worldwide hits. Tom Cruise is as popular around the world as he is unpopular in america. This was just not as well sold to the audience as the other summer blockbusters and alot of peoples hard-earned cash had already been spent. Def a bad release spot. It seems young girls are the go to market nowadays in america if you need an...

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    Games with the strongest atmosphere.

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 May 2014

    Atmosphere = fallout new vegas. That is all......

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    Will X-Men: Days of Future Past be the first movie of 2014 to pass 100 million domestically in its first Weekend?

    in Movies Discussion on 21 May 2014

    4 day wkends should'nt be counted! Still think it'l fall short...non-marvel released superheroes just don't carry that much respectability since Avengers broke out. Both Spiderman and Wolverine have felt this (although still successful movies obv)...

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    "Halo 5: Guardians" revealed : Fall 2015. More Halo at E3 for 2014 (Halo 2 ?)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 May 2014

    As I thought. From next fall games will start to appear at 60fps on the One. Developers just need a bit of time to make it work...that and they underestimated how important this was to the general gaming public as proof of the next-gen tag. The resolution is less important for now until most owned TV's are 1080p, my 38in flatscreen is 720p and i've only owned it 3 years, won't be upgrading for a...

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    Watch Dogs: 900p PS4, 792p X1, both 30fps

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2014

    Wagram said:Honestly, the only 60fps you'll see at 1080p is likely on PC. Neither of these machines have the hardware potential that the manufacturers think they do. I think they do. Games starting production from today will def be keeping these frame rates in mind. I honestly don't think the developers realised how big a deal this was gonna be to gamers and that these framerates and...

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    GTA V shipped 33 million, Bioschock Infinite at 6 million, Borderlands 2 at 9 million, Civ V at 5million

    in Sales Discussion on 14 May 2014

    Are these games shipped or sold? There's a massive gap between take 2's data and Vgchartz! Almost 4 million in Borderland 2's case! While digital sales are not included here there's no way it sold 4mill's worth. And if the sales data is true then why on earth hasn't vgchartz adapted to this massively important sales data? As we know with music digital sales they are higher than retail sales...

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    so much negativity... i think it's a good move from microsoft.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 May 2014

    Maybe negativity on this site, but around other sites its been pretty positive. To be honest, in general, I've only read mostly positive things here as well.....

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    Xbox ONE $399 (Kinectless) GOLD services confirmed Lots of info inside.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 May 2014

    Nice! Good job microsoft. I got my one with titanfall and kinect in the uk for 370. So with just a 20 reduction and kinect-less i dont feel hard done by with the new deal either......

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    Games you always wanted to play but haven't

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 May 2014

    COD Ghosts. S'almost time for future warfare though so guess i missed tbe boat on that one......

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    You can Mushroom dodge Blue Shells in Mario Kart 8! <(^_^<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 May 2014


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    UK Charts Week Ending 10 May 2014

    in Sales Discussion on 12 May 2014

    Minecraft is like a miley cyus record, somehow sells millions without ever knowing anyone who actually owns a copy.....

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