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    PS4: Dreams Live Performance

    in Sony Discussion on 29 June 2018 by GribbleGrunger

    Tmfwang said: GribbleGrunger said: Don't forget the stream today at 5pm UK time is about this. Can’t wait!   Hoping we’ll see the Dreams-level Mm made during the E3 Game Jam there as well :) All we know is it's about the on stage performance and how they did it. I'm actually not that excited to be honest....

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    PS4: Sony's 1st Party Masterclass [Digital Foundry]

    in Sony Discussion on 26 June 2018 by Areaz32

    Uhh. I think people should just stop getting so vocal about character appearances. All the people who is saying she is horribly ugly should honestly apologize in some capacity, she is a real girl that they used photogrammetry on, and to be honest i don't see any issue with her whatsoever. Model for Dina in The Last of Us part 2: https://youtu.be/aE9LHBUKx4s ...

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    Why do we still look forward to Nintendo's E3 directs?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 June 2018 by Miyamotoo

    DélioPT said: Miyamotoo said: You are wrong, fact is that they dont need, we seeing with Nintendo and Switch that they dont need to show long term games. You do realise that communication strategy is actualy part of marketing!? And we know that marketing for Switch is quite good and on spot. No I dont, Switch is popular because great concept, system seller games and...

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    PS4: The Last Of Us Part 2 - New Animation Tech

    in Sony Discussion on 24 June 2018 by TallSilhouette

    Even more technical analysis: Cool to get a frame by frame breakdown of gameplay animation systems and logic. Guy seems to agree with me about the corpse, but hope it's legit. ...

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    Sony should acquire Insomniac

    in Sony Discussion on 24 June 2018 by freebs2

    Heavenly_King said: AlfredoTurkey said: I think it would be wise for Sony to focus more on Japanese games period. They're become far too westernized this generation imo. They need to buy some Japanese studios, so that they can have better sales in japan.  I would recommend them to buy Level5, Platinum games, and Mistwalker.   Japanese gamers are a bit...

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    Anthem and Days Gone both releasing on Feb. 22, 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2018 by DonFerrari

    That can take some of the wind of from Days Gone sail... will Sony move the release some or take the risk? This game seems one that deserves a lot of sales....

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    PS4: Dreams Previews And They LOVE It!

    in Sony Discussion on 07 June 2018 by GribbleGrunger

    Areaz32 said: Turns out it was Days Gone. I had my money on Concrete Genie but i guess not. Still staring at Media Molecule to do something. A little frustrating but I'm sure we'll get something soon....

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    Sony E3 2018 Lineup Possibly Leaked? - segmentnext.com

    in Sony Discussion on 17 May 2018 by Xxain

    UltimateGamer1982 said: https://www.resetera.com/threads/theory-why-from-softwares-new-project-could-as-well-be-bloodborne-2-image-heavy.10857/page-6 https://fromsoftfanatics.com/shadows-die-twice-resetera-leaks/ Shadows die twice not bloodborne 2 apparently. Well yeah. Shadows die twice was said in Tenchu....

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    Sony have a tough decision to make

    in Sony Discussion on 04 May 2018 by KBG29

    twintail said: KBG29 said: PS4 - 1080p/30 PS4 Pro - 1800pCB/30 PS5 - 4K/60 + Higher Resolution Textures, Improved AA, Better Lighting, etc. If PS4 and PS5 both share X86 and AMD GPU tech, it it extremely easy to support both platforms. I see Sony supporting PS4 for the life of PS5 and finally dropping support when PS6 arrives. This is nothing like supporting PS2 and PS3, or PS3...

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    Ps4 with APU using 7nm processor?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2018 by EricHiggin

    https://pcgamesn.com/nvidia-amd-tsmc-3d-gpu TSMC just announced they have some sort of wafer stacking tech which will allow for chips to be stacked instead of simply shrunk to increase yields and performance and reduce cost. The article focuses on GPU stacking, but also mentions Intel has patents on CPU stacking, so I'm sure TSMC probably has something available or in the works for CPU as well....

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    God of War shows why I consider SSM better than ND and you might as well

    in Sony Discussion on 02 May 2018 by DonFerrari

    greenFizz said: Wow! Microsoft is losing so bad this generation that Sony fans are forced to cannibalize each other. We have to discuss greatness from wherever greatness is. danasider said: "This is an opinion piece. Feel free to disagree." Almost every following post flames OP despite the first 2 sentences. Why are people so touchy? Can't people have opinions? You...

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    Uncharted 4 Sells Through 10 million Copies / Long Live Single Player Games!

    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2018 by KazumaKiryu

    fauzman said: KazumaKiryu said: Thats interesting! Horizon zero Dawn = 100 % too. GOD OF WAR and SPIDERMAN maybe too,yes! The focus is on "The Last of Us 2" - it will be one of the most expensive video game productions of all time. Thanks, Naughty Dog! And rumors say the developer is working on a new IP. Uncharted will come back someday, that is sure my friend :) !!!! I...

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    Edge #319 - Dark Souls Remastered cover - Scores: God of War, Far Cry 5, more.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2018 by Lawlight

    Jranation said: Azzanation said: I love everyone disagreeing with SOTs score yet on Meta the game averages 7s every where else.. Maybe its not Edges problem on rating SOTs, maybe it just underscored other games. No no no! That makes too much sense for these people to get. Sorry.  I think you’ll find that people are calling Edge for underscoring PS4 games....

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    Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation planed to build another game studio in San Diego, CA

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 April 2018 by xl-klaudkil

    think-man said: GOWTLOZ said: Nah I'd rather have them continue from 2's evil ending which they wanted to do. Its more interesting and because they wanted to do it they'd be more interested in making that themselves which would make it a better game. So they take 5 to 11 years to make a game that doesn't sell and gets mixed reception? No, because I enjoy their games...

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    PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition looks ugly af

    in Sony Discussion on 23 April 2018 by The_Yoda

    I bought one, but will be taking it back since you guys think it is ugly .... Actually I'll be taking it back since I was able to fix the blu-ray drive on my regular PS4. I still love the Battlefront one I have. Vader on a field of "star wars". Too bad the kids have fingered the absolute shit out of the thing. ...

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    PS4 and Xbox One exclusive titles aren't that impressive

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 April 2018 by Arminillo

    JRPGfan said: LethalP said: Games above 80 MC lets say, only on PS4 or X1, aren't remasters or remakes. What do we have? Persona 5 should be on that list imo for the PS4. its on ps3...

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    Native 4K not worth it.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2018 by John2290

    fuallmofus said: not TVs maybe but VR for sure Some VR content is already at 5k, soon to be 6k (Porn for example) but that all depends on the cameras used post processing of the content producers, do you mean the display on each lens in the headset should be at 4k each or 4k between both? I think, 8k between both lens (4k each) with HDR and SuperAMOLED displays for true black...

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    PS4: GOW - New Footage + New Cory Interview

    in Sony Discussion on 13 April 2018 by GribbleGrunger


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    PS4: Dreams Interview With PSVR Talk

    in Sony Discussion on 12 April 2018 by Lafiel

    great to hear that VR implementation is coming along well, hopefully it won't be tooooo restricted ...

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    PS4: GOW - Predict The Metacritic Score

    in Sony Discussion on 12 April 2018 by GribbleGrunger

    I would be so happy if my 93 was wrong!...

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