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    What secret characters do you think will be in SSB?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2014

    I don't think that Ness or Ganondorf will be excluded. Mr. Game and Watch also looks like a given. I guess, if they don't announce Shulk, he will be a secret character as well, same goes for Bayonetta....

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    Newcomers in SSB for WiiU! Lucina!!! Robin!!! and Captain Falcon Returns! 4 FE Reps and No Shulk :0

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2014

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW6TpZPYd58 Is it just me or does ist look as if Chrom and Robin use some kind of Dual-Final-Smash? --> 2:30edit. Or is Chrom just part of Robins Final Smash? I'm confused.....

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    Famitsuís most wanted games (7/13/14)

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2014

    Hyrule Warriors on 4? That's interesting to see.....

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    The one videogame genre that you never get into.(Poll inside!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 July 2014

    Most MMO-Subgenres. Especially MMORPG's.....

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    Mario Party 10 First Week/LT Sales Predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2014

    400k FW, 2 million LT...

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    How many people IRL know you're a member of VGChartz?

    in Website Topics on 13 July 2014

    A few friends and my brother. I mean, i often send them links to interesting threads or charts etc.....

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    best generations in order

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 July 2014

    I started playing in gen 4 / 5 so i'm not going to rank the earlier gens.. 1. 6th gen 2. 5th gen 3. first half of 7th gen 4. 4th gen 5. second half of 7th gen 6. 8th gen...

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    So is Super Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS the final name?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 July 2014

    Why not? I don't think they would call it like that 3 months before it's release if it wasn't the final name. (3DS at least)...

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    Nintendo 3DS Direct 3rd Party Publisher Games (2014.7.11) [Yes 3rd Party Only!]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 July 2014

    Just started watching. They are showing Forbidden Magna right now, looks interesting.....

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    Anyone Remember Battle for Bikini Bottom and your thoughts on it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2014

    I had a few spongebob games including this one. Not bad but the game of the movie is in my opinion the best spongebob game to date and a solid platformer overall....

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    What will be the most Critically Acclaimed Game in October?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2014

    I'm gonna go with Bayonetta 2...

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    Itagaki not worried about Devilís Third finding an audience on Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2014

    Let's see how this game will turn out.. I am really curious about the multiplayer. It has some truly unique modes. Single Player looks ok so far but the camera change from third to first person weapon-zoom looks terrible, i hope they are gonna fix/smooth that out....

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    Famitsu confirms Fi as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 July 2014

    Skidonti said:Give me Orca from Wind Waker. (; That would be so epic. Not sure about the cell-shading to non-cell-shading graphics transition though :D...

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    I need some Miiverse friends!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 July 2014

    TheM4gicM4x - i normally don't change letters with numbers but my old ID (TheMagicMax) is already being used on my Brothers Wii U :D Anyone who wants to add me is welcome...

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    Project CARS is now retail!?!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 July 2014

    Since i thought that it would just be sold digital, i really don't mind if the box art isn't that pretty. I doubt that it will sell much but we will see.....

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    What games in Nintendo's Digital Event were you most and least excited for?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2014

    Most: Xenoblade Chronicles X Zelda U Smash 4 Least: Kirby and the rainbow curse...

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    What're your gaming plans for the upcoming summer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2014

    Mario Kart 8, Second playthrough of Wind Waker HD and Unlimited World Red. + the daily dose of Counter Strike....

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    What's your favourite thing about Nintendo games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2014

    Polish and the crazy amount of detail, many of their games have....

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    Super Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS NewComers! Your Current Top 10 Most Anticipated Newcomers? (To see Who's VGC Top!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2014

    Great newcomers so far, here my top 10: 1. Little Mac 2. Mega Man 3. Palutena 4. Villager 5. Pac-Man 6. Wii-Fit Trainer 7. Rosalina+Luma 8. Greninja 9. Mii Fighter - Sword 10. Mii Fighter - Gunner...

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    Should I buy Xenoblade ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2014

    Buy it! It is absolutely fantastic, especially if you like JRPG's. Great story, great battle system etc....

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