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    Have nintendo really lost the casuals?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2013

    The thing about casuals, is that they want something new, sure, angry birds made some fans who still buy the sequels but most of them moved to something else, the same happened to the wii sports crowd, and the wii fit crowd, some will stay, most of them will move on to other things. Nintendo (And sony and microsoft) need to make new stuff that attract this different crowds if they want the huge...

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    Unreal Engine 4 running on PC looks better than PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2013

    We´re entering the era of diminishing return, where you need a lot more processing power (and money) than before, to produce a similar jump in the quality of the graphics. The ps4 specs are in reality in the range of a mid-tier pc of today....

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    What are your 2012 purchasing plans? (post-Gamescom)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2012

    My 360 died, so it all depends in if i get it repaired (unlikely). Halo4 Mass Effect 3 Assassin's Creed 3 (Maybe on WiiU) Ressident Evil 6 Wii Xenoblade  (someone really needs to import this to Mexico :P)  The Last Story  Wii U (I'll get it only if all of this realeses on 2012, if not, then i'll wait till early next year) Pikmin 3 ZombiU Rayman Legends New Super Mario Bros U...

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    Which launch title do you think should be packed in with the Wii U?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 June 2012

    Why nothaving two different bundles? One with NSMBU, the other with Nintendoland, let the people decide!...

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    What console will you be buying next gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2012

    Just Wii U, lets hope third parties don't abandon nintendo this time so i don't have to buy another console this round....

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    Your 3rd party Dream WiiU Launch line

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 February 2012

    Resident Evil 6 GTA V Assassin's Creed 3 Metro: Last Light Aliens: Colonial Marines Ninja Gaiden 3 Darksiders 2 Killer Freaks Dragon Quest X New Sonic Game Alongside anything nintendo delivers (pikmin 3!!!) would make a badass launch window. Ohh and Mass Effect Trilogy!!! (I have both on 360, but it just died,and im not planning on buying it again so...) Please make it happen...

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    All right gamrConnect, we're going to play Zelda games together!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2011

    Add me too :) !!! I tried to do a full playthrough before TP's launch and I failed miserably :P, i think i'll try it again, plus i have a lot more time to complete it (and less money to buy other games too lol), so maybe i'll actualy make it this time. My gameplan: Legend of Zelda Adventure of Link (never beaten) A Link to the Past Link's Awakening Ocarina of Time Majora's...

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    Nintendo fans, which console do you think is better Xbox 360 or PS3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 May 2010

    I voted for PS3 by mistake! :(, i like almost all the first party titles of the 360, excepto for fable......

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    What do you expect from Capcom for the Wii at Captivate?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2010

    Mmm it's been a while since MH3 launched in Japan, so im expecting a Monster Hunter 3 Tri G, :P Capcom just love to re-release games with some content added....

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    what was your 1st game u played online with ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2010

    Age of the Empires II yeah those were good times....

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    Can you guess the games?

    in Website Topics on 05 April 2010

    Man the P is easy, but at first i tought it was the PS3/360 version ......

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    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Friend Code Exchange Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 February 2010

    hey guys mine is 4168-6139-9427i have added everyone...

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    Tales of Graces - New Scans (formal costumes revealed)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 November 2009

    Amazing!, Must avoid ToG threads so i dont spoil anything lol...

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    2010 RPGs you'll be buying for the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 November 2009

    Definitely:Tales of GracesMonster Hunter TriFinal Fantasy Crystal BearersProbably (if i have enough money):Arc Rise FantasiaMonado: Beguining of the worldThe other ones i just don't know enough about them....

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    Tales of Graces - New Scans (formal costumes revealed)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 November 2009

    No Richard on those scans makes me worry... i guess he is not going to be a permanent character =(...

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    What game did you replay the most for this gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 November 2009

    Mmm i replay a lot, twilight princess 5 times, tales of vesperia im on my 4th playtrough and mass effect at least 3 times, ohh an bioshock another 4....

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    Tales of Graces - New Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 November 2009

    I really hope there are more cut ins, i mean those are great, specially asbel and pascal, but i think there's going to be at least 3 blast caliber per character, like in ToD Remake. So a diferent cut in for each blast caliber would be great....

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    Post your Playtime here!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2009

    Super Smash Bros Brawl: 235 h 24 minTLOZ: Twilight Princess: 168 h 2 minMertroid Prime 3: Corruption: 50 h 51 minSuper Mario Galaxy: 49 h 54 minPaper Mario: 38h 29 min...

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    New Tales of Graces scans

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 September 2009

    Even though i like big parties for variety of gameplay, i think smaller ones are better for story development so i dont know if i want more characters revealed....

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    New Tales of Graces scans

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 September 2009

    Man this looks awesome!!! I really like how every character seems to have close range artes and long range too, except for asbel, but i hope that this artes can be likable between the styles to form awesome combos....

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