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    PSVR Listed For 350 By Swiss Retailer

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2016

    With this and considering Amazon tends to estimate double the actual price of a product without an official price tag , I'd say $400 is almost a given now. ...

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    Microsoft: "We have no info on any upcoming Wii U games at this time." Wait what?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2015

    A Nintendo Xbox combo might just be the only way to get me to buy a console from either company again....

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    PS4 SDK Update Unlocked 7th CPU Core For Gaming

    in Sony Discussion on 27 November 2015

    Fei-Hung said:Anyone know what actual changes this may make in terms of performance in games, UI and application use? I don't understand why some people are saying it may make UI slower. Thought an extra core may give it more of a performance boost not the opposite. Not being funny, just saying I don't understand how it technically works so having someone explain could help me...

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    We have new numbers :)

    in Website Topics on 03 July 2015

    JRPGfan said:Lets see if that random Sony rep, claiming over 24million units sold to consumers, at E3 was right. Once we get updated up to that point. You got this 100% backwards.  ...

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    Disappointed no FFXII HD announced, no Wild, no Mass Effect Remastered

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2015

    ni no Kuni 2 dark cloud 3 rogue galaxy 2 All missing and that's not even counting remasters... ...

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    Lawsuit Against Bandai Namco Claims Anti-American Racism

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2015

    DonFerrari said:and when american became a race? About the same time Hispanic / Latino became one...

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    The button; do you press it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2015

    What bothers me is the fact that people who find cartoony games fun and enjoyable, treat is a fact rather than an opinion. As if it's literally impossible for a person to find those type of games utterly boring, and in turn find realistic games (or with heavy story) actually fun. That the only reason people hate on mascot games is because they haven't tried it and all other possibilities have to...

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    Phil Spencer: "We Haven't Announced Hololens as Xbox Accessory." "Standalone Device"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 May 2015

    Seems like the right direction, now make it work with the Ps4 (and any other non-Microsoft's proprietaries) and it will sell like gangbusters. ...

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    ESPN Radio Host Slams Competitive Gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 April 2015

    binary solo said: Ka-pi96 said:Can't say I disagree. In fact, if I was a pro sports commentator and someone asked me to cover competitive gaming I'd probably respond in the exact same way :-) You'd probably have the same reaction is someone asked you to cover lawn bowls too. Doesn;t make it a non-sport though. Among interntaional sporting federations, like SportAccord,...

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    Rumor: Rise of the Tomb Raider to be a 6 month timed exclusive

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2015

    In a perfect (and slightly petty) world , Sony moved the release of UC4 on purpose just to mess with Square. I still cannot believe how Square was convinced not to sell their hottest game to the hottest console. Microsoft's people must have been at the top of their game....

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    Sony Planning To Make It Easier For Devs To Implement AF In PS4 Games

    in Sony Discussion on 31 March 2015

    inb4LazyDevs Whatever it is , I'm glad it can be fixed with a simple update....

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    Still nothing PS4 official sales in China?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 March 2015

    Landguy said:Sony only talks when it has something to gloat about. So, it was obvious from the launch pictures that the Next gen systems are not big sellers in China. Anyone with a brain knew that was going to be the case. People who claimed otherwise (like the "if just 1% of China buys it" guy) were in fact ridiculed on this very site....

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    We're a month behind in the numbers and ioi has been gone for over two weeks, what gives?

    in Website Topics on 28 March 2015

    Ruler said: Yes you make a point there we arent abusing others intelectual property like neogaf leaking numbers from npd which is illegal Aquamarine was quite blatant.  Yes. But let's not pretend ioi is not doing something similar. He has access to NPD numbers and he routinely updates "his" numbers after every NPD.  His work clearly isn't independent from...

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    Bloodborne Review Thread - MetaCritic 93% ~ GameRankings 91.47%

    in Sony Discussion on 19 March 2015

    87 and the trend of games getting criticized for things unrelated to the actual game will continue. Also, Gamespot 6/10. Because HEY LOOK AT ME....

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    Does Anyone Feel as if Last Generation Graphics Look Blurry And Horrible Now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2015

    I wonder if the people who see no difference are actually playing on a 1080pTV as opposed to a 720p TV (where you'd literally see no change) 720p has always been blurry. Glad we're finally moving on....

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    Expert thinks Nintendo + Disney

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 January 2015

    Panther111 said:Nonono... Dsney is basic, bland and all about money over style, substance and product... Avoid them like the plague nintendo!!! Watch any of these https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6qIbU1olyXQe1WOKt8UJ4hErx3D7qt8 And see if any of your claims remains true. ...

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    New PS4 Exclusive Teased by Square Enix; Reveal Coming on the 31st

    in Sony Discussion on 31 January 2015

    ClassicGamingWizzz said:This will be a free to play title i am sure. I guess you really are a wizard. ...

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    Nintendo is the funnest company

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2015

    Skullwaker said:Nintendo isn't afraid to poke fun at itself, something the other two seem to have a hard time doing. Gaming doesn't need to be super serious all the time. Almost as if Sony and Microsoft were much, much more than just a gaming company. As far as the entertainment deparments, no one comes even close to Shu or Boyes.  Reggie is as vanilla as it gets. ...

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    2015 WiiU sales > 2015 Xbox360 and PSVita sales combined

    in Sales Discussion on 08 January 2015

    ExplodingBlock said: Damagon said:X360 2015 > NES 2015 + SNES 2015 + N64 2015+ Gamecube 2015+ Wii 2015 combined. X360 > Nintendo. This thread. This post is really irrelevant, not the kind of thread to put your opinions on that. Also why are you comparing the 360 to last gen/discontinued consoles? Lighten up buddy, it's all tongue in cheek. I'm just curious as...

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    2015 WiiU sales > 2015 Xbox360 and PSVita sales combined

    in Sales Discussion on 08 January 2015

    X360 2015 > NES 2015 + SNES 2015 + N64 2015+ Gamecube 2015+ Wii 2015 combined. X360 > Nintendo. This thread. ...

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