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< camilosanchez16 Some predictions... SSB4 Wii U - 1.8M FW WW in worst case escenario, on best case escenario it will
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Some predictions...

SSB4 Wii U - 1.8M FW WW in worst case escenario, on best case escenario it will sell 2.2M FW WW.

Pokémon OR/AS won't do X/Y first week sales, but their will be close, something like 3.8M.

Captain Toad will have surprisingly good sales, it will sell 50,000 FW in JP and 135,000 in the rest of the World, maybe a half-million seller by 2015.

Bayonetta 2 and Sunset Overdrive are going to be on par, so maybe it will finish as a million seller sometime in the future.

Yoshi's Woolly World and Kirby will sell really good too, maybe better than Pikmin 3 FW Sales, but worst than SM3DW ones... So I expect 250,000-300,000 for both.

Zelda U will have really good sales, at the level of MK8 and SSB4, but won't have their legs... 1.5 million FW and 3.5 million life-time.

Xenoblade X will sell at par with Xenoblade Wii because of West sales more than JP sales.

Hyrule Warriors will reach 1 million sales, Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, LEGO City Undercover, DKC:TF and ZombiU too.

WATCH_DOGS U will sell a little bit better than expected, maybe 100,000 FW WW.

Devil's Third will be on par with Bayonetta 2 on sales on the short term, it will struggle on the long one.

Wii U will have around 30 million sellers life-time, most of them will be First-party games and like 4 or 5 third-party exclusives. Expect only 2 or 3 third party games to reach that mark.

PS4 will be the obviously winner of this gen!! But won't reach 100 million... From this gen, every console will struggle trying to reach that goal, PS3 sales level expected. Xbox One will have a little less than a half of PS4 sales. Wii U will outsell GCN thanks to 2015, but won't reach 25 million.

PS4 to have 150 million sellers.

Majora's Mask 3D will sell 1.3M FW WW.

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IGN Finally Gives Smash Bros Wii U a 9.8!

in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago

Ok Smash, now you are the real GOTY, but lets make a faith vote... Your next mission is going to be maintain a 94, which at this moment is a 93, but I will be proud if you become the new best Smash, overcoming Brawl! Too bad that The Game Awards forgot Smash for GOTY, but i'm sure that you will be this year TLOU, we only need to wait for Edge review. (Actually I'm Spanish speaker, so don't worry...

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Predict Sales for Smash Bros. Wii U

in Sales Discussion 4 days ago

Let's consider this... 1. Mario Kart 8 had a 1.2 million WW debut on May, early this year... Those 1.2 million were sold on a media of 2 days (3 in JP, 2 in US, 1 in EU). 2. SSB4 for Wii U pre-orders are way bigger than MK8 ones in both US and Japan. 3. SSB4 for Wii U has far more hype alone than Mario Kart 8, SM3DW or another Wii U game combined!! 4. MK8 sold those 1.2 million on a 6.3 million...

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Wii Fit U OPENING Week Sales = 4% of Wii Fits Opening (For NA)

in Sales Discussion on 20 January 2014

The weird thing, i that the Pre-Order chart, listed 48k Wii Fit U's preordered, for only 22k? (If I did any writing mistake, excuse me, I speak Spanish)...


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