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Questions... are u the kinder person to sell your system for news like; "FF13 will be on the 360 too in non Japanese territories"?

Would u let M$ play u and control u like a game?

Sorry, but it makes me sick to read some peoples comments on this matter. Some saying that they have lost all hope and will sell their PS3's for a 360, just because of this news, is just plain DUMB!

Will 360 fanboys sell their systems when Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 will come to the PS3... NO!

I own all platforms, always have, always will. But, I must admit that I am disoppointed too in SE, mostly because I love and support exclusives and I prefer Sony and Nintendo for innovation. BUT, this news, nor any news would not make me sell a system. it just proves that M$ cannot Create or innovate, they can only buy. Sad really..

Playing and finishing games first>>>>>>>>>>Then talking!

Opinions are subjective and just like moods, can change.

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