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Kwaad said: shams - you never read my post did you? I have downloaded flOw to 2 PS3s. So... your point on saying you can download it once is stupid. The purchaces are linked to you PSN account. Not your PS3. Ok so you have a 15month warrenty. Not 3 month. I'm sorry. I rember reading somewhere it was 90day. Ok, your Wii blows up after 18 months. (oh yeah. suck on that) You now have about 800$ worth of VC games. Your wii smokes. You buy a new Wii. You ship 2 Wii's to nintendo. ~20$ Nintendo bills you about 30$ to ship them back. You just paid 50$ to keep your games. That is if they do it for free. Do you think *they* will pay the 20-40$ of shipping FOR you? You people need to stop worshiping nintendo... Hot damn. EDIT: And if I'm not mistaken even if you can save your VC games to a memory card, that dont help, becuase it's linked to your Wii#. Not you. So you have your 10,000$ of VC games saved on your memory card. Your Wii smokes... You format that memory card, beucase it will NEVER work on another Wii. (and if it does, just create a BT on the internet, and download all of nintendo's VC games for free) It has to be linked to the Wii. As long as it's linked to the Wii. Your Wii smokes. Your VC games are smoked too.
Yes it's linked to your wii # but I think you don't have to mail it, if you live by Nintendo headquarters they'll take it and do it for you in a very short while, I've had this done myself, not with the Wii but I've had them fix my N64. I also think some registered shops may have it available in the near future(that's up to Nintendo but it'd be a smart move don't you think?) I'd also like to add among EVERY system, most factory problems(Things that are fault of production or whatever) show up within the first 12-15 months(I've worked at a shop before). It'd put PS3 & 360 at a higher risk for breaking out of warranty. 800$ is kind of a high estimate for VC games though >.> that 1,600 NES games lol Not even sure there are that many. I guess someone will eventually go for their lungs on VC >.> but again I hope they do something about it being linked to your my Nintendo where they can figure which games you've purchased. And just go through tech support and restore it to your new system while changing the registration from the old wii to the new one.