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shams said:

Won't happen - it would surely hurt Sony too much (admitting Nintendo was right, Sony was wrong). Will damage the PS3, and boost Wii sales in the long term.

- no existing games would support it

- gfx on a PS2 SUCK compared to other consoles these days. It couldn't even handle a decent WiiSports type game.

- sensor bar? Or would it have no pointer? With no pointer it IS a SIXAXIS controller (except for shape).


Sony would be better off to release their own "PS3Sports", that purely uses the Sixaxis movement - maybe in a shell of some sort. Then they could promote the better gfx, better online play, more content, etc.

Sony would be showing the Wii for what it is:  a more powerful gamecube with a new control scheme.  By pricing the PS2 at $99 for entry, if third parties are creating their games on a system that would actually sell games compared to Nintendo, it would be successful.

The Wii is as powerful as the Xbox, and the PS2 killed the Xbox last generation.  The big advantage of the Wii is the price, and that would go to the PS2.

Yes, it would have to have a pointer to get the Wii ports.  Just like the Time Crisis gun will have, except that one will have 2.