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sethnintendo said:

So we have status update in few days? What about that preseason prediction for league? Roll would give semi update at postseason start but I guess we have to wait till Superbowl ending. Think I'm fucked but had mahomes least going to title game losing to Patriots. Man do the Patriots need some wide receivers and a better running back. The offense was complete shit this year except that game Antonio Brown played. What a difference one playmaker can make.

Kinda just planned on doing it after the Super Bowl, I guess if people really want an update on it I can put something together later this week.

Anyway, predictions time. 

Divisional Results:

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username # HFA
11 Zakaro  2-2 vs.  3-1 RolStoppable 1 22
10 hatmoza  3-1/46 vs.  3-1/49 Level1Death 2 17
8 Castor  2-2 vs.  3-1 sethnintendo 3 8
6 MTZehvor  3-1 vs.  1-3 ChrisHu 4 6

Not too much to say about this week. Nearly everyone picked the Ravens, Chiefs, and Packers (ChrisHu being the only Seattle pick). The Vikings and 49ers were more divided for some reason that I can't fathom (Minnesota hasn't won a road playoff game since Randy Moss mooned Green Bay), and perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone who picked the Vikings lost. The other loser, hatmoza was this week's unlucky soul who was doomed by PDT despite posting the same record as his opponent and having a better PDT.

This leaves the following conference championship game matchups.

# Username Record/PDT vs. Record/PDT Username # HFA
6 MTZehvor   vs.   RolStoppable 1 11
3 sethnintendo   vs.   Level1Death 2 3

Since I'm picking against Rol this week, the usual plan of my opponent and I sending our picks to him obviously won't work, so we're going to need to find someone else to send our predictions to. If you're willing to hold onto our predictions until Sunday, let me know. Also, since this website's PM system has been wonky for me recently for some reason, it'd be great if you can provide some alternate way to contact you just in case PM sucks again.

Given that there's only two people who need to make predictions, I'm going to forego the usual google forms and just say: PM your picks to me. I doubt anyone has any trouble remembering the matchups, but just in case: Packers @ 49ers, Titans @ Chiefs.