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JRPGfan said:
ironmanDX said:

VR has been around some 30 years. It's had time. You also didn't answer the other question. 

How have they polled for the rest of the year? 

Virtual Boy, doesnt count.... that wasnt VR.
What type of consumer product VR was there out 30 years ago? 
I think "real" vr is in its early stages, before oculus there was basically nothing (imo).

I think 20 years from now, you ll look at VR headsets today vs then, and see the same patern as happend to us now, with TVs.
They will be vastly better, even just this "next gen" (gen2) of vr headsets, are already set to improve the bar alot.

"how have they polled for the rest of the year"

I honestly dont know, I know that sometime early-mid this year there was like 5million units of PSVR.

Is PSVR (on PS4) a failur if it only does like 7million units lifetime?
I dont think so, any start up and first of its kinde, have slow adaption rates, esp if theres still minor kinks to be worked out.

They will improve with time, and prices will drop, and adoption rates will keep growing.

Ironman if PSVR does like 7mil on PS4.... do you think PSVR2 will do like 10m+ on PS5?
And how much do you feel like a VR headset needs to sell, before you can justify spending resources & developement on it?

My dad, was born in 53 and he remembers TV's being something not ever house hold owned.
He says they where one of the first on the block he lived to get a colour tv (his mom got one), so they had other children over often to watch stuff there because it was in colour. This was back when production of tv, wasnt all in colour either.

Can you imagine.... and before then there was a time when TV's must have been really rare, like.... few houses owned one.
Today they are everywhere, and many homes have multiple TVs or monitors.

Imagine if they just gave up, back then before critical mass took off, and TVs became what they are today.
Same thing with VR headsets (though I doubt it ll ever be as popular & common as TVs, I expect them to be much more common than now).

You can't use how dreadful an initial product is to excuse it or how poor it was implemented. I'm sure the first TV sucked too but it was still a TV. You can't provide that as an example then change the goalpost after the fact. Virtual Boy may not be VR in your opinion but that doesn't change what the product actually is or does.

TV's have taken off at an unprecedented rate compared to VR. 30 years later, still niche. Amazon numbers posted by LudicrousSpeed don't flatter it like you initially thought. They do the opposite.