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2004/2005-2.68 million (13 months)
2006-1.85 million
2007-3.07 million
2008-3.69 million
2009-2.25 million
2010-2.90 million
2011-2.08 million
2012-0.90 million
2013-0.44 million
2014-0.10 million

2017-3.31 million (10 months)
2018-3.53 million
2019-4.5+ million (estimate)

PSP had an unusual sales curve having a slight decline in year 2 then big growth in years 3 & 4, a big decline in year 5 then another rebound in year 6 before finally tapering off for good.

If Switch has a more traditional sales curve of steady growth for 3-4 years followed by a steady decline for 3-4 years than it's possible PSP can start to gain some ground on it later in its life but at that point it will be too little too late.

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