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JRPGfan said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Of course the answer is “uh, I don’t know” 😆

The answer is, not very well. No headsets in the top 60, I believe four headsets total, all Oculus Rift. No PSVR. The PC VR scene is extremely niche, console even more so. Either word of mouth with PSVR is very bad or people just barely use them 🤷🏻‍♂️

I did infact answear him too.... you make up alot of stuff.

on amazon right now:

#16 Oculus Go
#36 PSVR Megabundle
#61 Oculus Quest all-in-one
#64 Oculus Rift

Hmm..... thats not correct, what you wrote (no headset in top60, no PSVR).

Theres probably like 5,5m or so PSVR users,..... "hardly anyone uses them".

Thats like saying theres only 8million Gamepass subscriptions, hardly anyone uses it.

"PC VR scene is extremely niche"
Theres atleast 10m+ units on pc sold, I wouldnt say thats extremly niche.

He asked how the headsets were doing the rest of the year. What I posted is straight from Amazon on their best sellers of 2019 so far list.

As I said, there are four VR headsets, all Oculus. The first one isn’t on the list until 62 and IIRC the Oculus Go is the one you just take wherever you want. Its not the traditional headset you connect to your console or PC, though iirc you can connect the Go to a PC. Two of the headsets are Go models and one is a Quest, so there’s only one headset you’d actually have to hook up to hardware like you would a PSVR or Xbox VR headset. 

Sorry that what Amazon is telling you directly contradicts your own opinions but it doesn’t mean I’m “making stuff up” 😆