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thismeintiel said:
vivster said:
If they were actually committed to battle Sony on equal footing, equal footing being incredibly more powerful to make up for the lack of everything else, then they would just come out guns blazing. So far nothing is pointing towards MS actually wanting to put up a fight. They seem to be very much content to just trod along, just like the current gen. But I guess pretending to want to gain market share doesn't cost them anything.

Agreed. To me it just seems Tom Warren was doing damage control. In the end, I still believe that they will be incredibly similar devices. If either of them have an edge, it will most likely be by 10%-15%. I guess enough to mention, but not enough to truly make a big enough difference visually that anyone would truly care.

^ that.

Also as a result of delayed dev kits, you might see less games early comeing to xbox.
(ei. a few more PS5 indies, or double AA's)

The xbox One launch was hot too, they had to rethink alot of their policies, and change alot of software for the system and how it handles games.
(when they removed the disk = 1 license install only, always online ect ect stuff)

This could also mean you risk running into a launch like the xbox one, with the TV,TV,TV,SPorts,TV,Halo,TV.. ect
(without that many new games to show case for it).