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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:
I'm basically only playing the story. Will wait for all done to do the standard missions on hard and premium mode with all connected and infrastructure is in place.

Funny thing, just about 1/3 finished chapter 3 and from that half finish the game. Seem like the biggest hit is the start of the game for people that didn't like it.

But maybe after people take their time and try again that will increase a lot.

The fact that this game has a plat percentage of 0.7% for an 80 - 120 hour plat says way more than the 40% of people who didn't make it past the tutorial. Those fools are always there, there is always a massive drop off. I'm more curious at this point to see how those end game percentages increase as it's been 5% this week alone and the plat percentage increased .5%. I doubt the early game numbers will rise but people finishing chapter three is on a slow, steady incline. This has all the makings of a linear game too so it isn't going to see massive walls of drop off when all is said and done, say like an RPG or an open world game like Judgement (random from what I'm playing) as people will pick it up weeks later with no effect on their ability to remember what they were at or the controls and systems, they are all contextual in that regard. i suspect within a few months it will peak out at 25-30% completion (maybe more optimistically) and a 3-4% plat rate and that is more than most games with much shorter campaigns gain. Control for example, another game of the year contender which has been out for months has a little over 34% and that game is 40 hours shorter at the least or as another example with a more comparable length in Days gone at 32% and even REmake 2 is at 30% for the true ending which is an easy 20 hours at the max. 

YES, I obsess over this shit too much and pay far, far too much attention to it than is good for me but alas, VGchartz software sales have left a massive void and this is all that will fill it.

RE2 is easily 12-16h for the true ending and yes I was surprise at the low true ending (well neither of the 2 endings have reached 60%).

Possibly to many people tried to play on harder difficult and were flustered by the challenge.

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