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RaptorChrist said:
I've been hearing about the PS4 being overdue for a price cut for a long time. Now that I've given it some thought, I recall the slim PS2 being around $129 way before the PS3 release. I remember this because FF12 had just released, and I remember buying a Slim PS2, FF12, and Guitar Hero. Granted, this was in a different time, and I think the Gamecube was cut down to $99 long before the gen was over. Perhaps this is why the PS2 saw such tremendous sales success, as it was extremely affordable, and had a shelf-life that persisted long after the PS3's troubled launch.

Some speculate that the low price of PS2 may even have caused PS3 to have a slower start. And since PS4 sales are still doing good, an wouldn't improve enough from even a 100 USD pricecut, Sony haven't seem a reason to discount it yet.

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