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colafitte said:
zorg1000 said:

You sure about that?


UK-peak 2014

France-peak 2014

Germany-peak 2017

Spain-peak 2015

Italy-peak 2016

Benelux (Belguim, Netherlands, Luxemburg)-peak 2015

Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)-peak 2015

Germany is the only notable Western European country that didnt peak in 2014-2016 yet Europe as a whole had it's best years in 2017 & 2018. How could that be?

Western Europe vs total Europe (Eastern Europe)

2014-5.53m vs 6.05m (0.52m)

2015-6.03m vs 6.86m (0.83m)

2016-5.72m vs 6.80m (1.08m)

2017-5.76m vs 7.89m (2.13m)

2018-5.31m vs 7.78m (2.47m)

Look at that, Western Europe peaked in 2015 while Eastern Europe peaked in 2018.

Those are shipment numbers from that data you're using and are not the same as sold to consumers. The numbers i gave you for Spain were official for those years and were sold to consumers. The numbers we were always disscussing, at least me, were sold to consumers.

According to VGC data, France's peak was in 2017 and UK's and Germany's peak were in 2018. I suppose VGC must be based in official tracking, so ..., yes, even Western Europe peaked in 2017-2018.

It literally says sell through in the link I posted, it's not shipments.

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