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hatmoza said:

I might have to switch my pick from the 46ers to Ravens. I'm just so hesitant because I honestly cannot buy into the Ravens being a great team. Ravens had a string of amazing wins. I can't deny that. But I witnessed early in the year, a very undisciplined, under coached, semi-struggling Browns team blow them out... I just can't explain it. I don't think they are remotely close to elite. I think they are unpredictable, and I think teams will wise up and eventually figure them out. 49ers defensive strengths are 1:1 to Ravens "strengths". And strong defenses trump strong offenses.

Now that I think about it, I have to go back and flip my vote on the Colts game

What's there to explain? Pretty much every NFL team drops a game they have no business losing in any given season.

Why did the Packers lose so bad against the Chargers? Because it was that one game.

Why did the Panthers lose to the Redskins today? Because it was that one game.

Why did the Browns lose to the Steelers today? Not because it was that one game, but because the Browns just suck.

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