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trunkswd said:
WoodenPints said:
$100 is the absolute minimum they should go for an All Digital Scarlett possibly $150 but anything under $100 less I think would be pointless and the $50 difference on the SAD showed us no one really cared about that small of a gap to loose the disc drive.

So we are talking about these for prices? 

$499 - Xbox Scarlett with disc drive

$399 - Xbox Scarlett All Digital Edition

Most likely. Though there are rumors that Sony might be prepping a cheaper all-digital PS5 as well, so MS might want to dip really deep into their pockets and aim for $350 on All-Digital. I just hope that they don't sacrifice specs for a lower price, releasing Lockhart with lower specs would be a huge mistake unless they plan to make it a 1080p or 1440p console for $300-350. If they aim for maybe 7-8 tflop on GPU with the same CPU and same speed memory (but slightly less of it), Lockhart specs would be high enough to play the same games at 1080p-1440p that Scarlett plays at 4k, with no other graphical changes, so it shouldn't really hold back development in that case.

But the original rumor for Lockhart specs was terrible, I think it was 4 tflop Navi (RDNA), which is roughly equivalent to 6 tflop GCN (the architecture that XB1 X uses) I believe, so about the same GPU power as XB1 X. If they do go for lower specs they need to aim for 7-8 tflop Navi on Lockhart, compared to the rumored 10+ tflop Navi on Scarlett. 

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